Back again anyone with edema?????

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    I haven't been around for a while. I just hurt too much but i decided it was time to join all you dear people once again.

    Any one have edema in their legs? I have it in both legs and it is so painful. i went to a Dr. that is not my main one (he is out of town) He changed my diuretic to Lasix and put me on potassium. He also told me to get support hose.

    that is a joy!!!!!!! They are so difficult to put on and hurt so much. i only wore them part of the day. Putting them on hurt my OA hands soooo much. I just gave up on today.

    Any suggestions as to what you do for it? yes, I know ---cut out salt!!!!! I quit on my bag of pretzels - they are so good but way toooo much salt.

    My other diuretic seemed to empty much faster - touregesic.

    i am so tired andmy eyes hurt and i really should find supper.It is "supper" in upper Indiana. Dinner at noon.

    Glad to be back with all ofr you dear people and enjoyed your posts.

    My legs are also red on the front but I have Valesone (sp? to put on the redness. I have some new dress shoes that I will not wear until I can get my feet down somewhat

    Gentle Hugs

    Joan (Jo-Ann)
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    But I get it in my ankles and feet. And my feet and toes turn do my fingernails....cold or hot weather for fingers. I have what is called Raynauds Syndrome. I can only wear thongs, or tennis shoes for a short period only. I'll be 45 years old.....and I feel like I am 90.
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    I'm on Bumex, but I can't see it helping all that much. I had to quit my NSAID due to fluid and still have fluid in my feet/ankles/legs.

    I'm just wondering if it is congestive heart failure? I had left heart failure in April when I had GERD and pneumonia. But I haven't had relief from the fluid since.

    I can't keep going back to my doc as he is out of network and I have to pay out of pocket and it takes weeks to get reimbursed only 75% by the insurance company. Some of the charges they don't even cover either.

    I just keep hoping it will get better in time, but the CHF I worry about if I may have that.

    Edited on 9/17--found out my edema was caused by taking CoQ10. I stopped that and the edema is going away.

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    Hello,I've been a member for a long time but haven't posted for a long time, so you probably don't remember me.I'm from Southern Indiana.

    When i read your post, it was as if i had written it myself!Icouldn't believe it.I'm having the same problem.Dr took me off of HCTZ because it wasn't working any longer. He put me on lasix 40 mg.

    That doesn't seem to be working like it should.I have FM and severe arthritis in my knees and when my legs get so swollen,i can hardly walk,it's so painful!Dr says"watch your salt".If i ate lots of it, i could understand being swollen,but i certainly don't eat much.

    As someone else said, i'm wondering about heart problems.I can't help you, but i'm hoping someone else can help us.I swell up 6 lbs over night.

    Sincerely ,
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    I've had problems with swelling in my ankles and feet for many years, especially the top of my left foot. Sometimes my toes are really swollen and feel like they are "stuck together". The duretic the doctor has me on hasn't really helped any. I take 37 mg. of this a day. I will have to say something next time I go. It would be nice to not have lines on my feet from my shoes when I take them off and not have my shoes feel so tight. At work, I try to keep my feet elavated at my desk and I take my shoes off.

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    I just thought if any of us had congestive heart failure (CHF) that we would have other symptoms, not just swelling feet/ankles.

    I notice if I take aspirins it gets worse and I have had to quit the Arthrotec I used to take for FMS pain because of the fluid problems. That is a NSAID as is the aspirins.

    I don't know what the answer to this is. I wish I did...

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    Hello, I'm new here and read your question on edema. I go to rehab twice a week for lymphedema treatment. They push the water up the leg by messaging and than they put a lymphedema pump on. Yes, I'm on a water pill that doesn't take my potassium out of my body, it doesn't help alot but tends to keep the edema down some. They will also wrap your legs afterward until they get it down enough to be able to fit teds (socks) on. It's not a great answer but at least I can walk now. You will have to prop your legs up when they swell up to much, for me that's everyday. I do all my work in the morning and than I lay on the couch and prop my legs up and read a book or make my calls.
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  11. lilaclover30

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    I am so sorry that you are all in the same misery. I went shopping today and thought we would never get home. Either the Lasix or potassium is upsettint my stomach and I have really "cleaned" out today.

    I wore slacks that they hurt. Took my sandles off on the way home (50 mi.) My legs touch each other in bed and that hurts too.

    i am going to my regular GP Mon. and see what he has to say, if anythhing.

    The painfuil legs rather upset my stomach and I know that sounds crazy.

    Lets gipve each other the support and hope that this eases up.

    Gentle Hugs.


    Thanks for the bumps
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    Hi it's me again. I use shoes that have elastic on top that will give me room to expand when my feet fill with water. The Dr. doesn't know what is causing my edema. I have fibro, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and I am hypokelimic. They don't know what to do with me!! I live on a dairy farm and have a husband who really doesn't care, so I have learned how to get things done different ways. I hate this and some days I have pity parties but no one listens so I keep going. I can't work and they won't give me SSI and I don't have enough quarters to get SS. Everyone thinks I'm lazy, they just don't see that I get up at 3:30a.m. and get my work done by 10:00a.m. and than I'm on my couch til about 3:00P.m. when it's time to cook supper. I don't know if I helped any one but if it does than I'm happy for you.
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    Yes, I have edema. I have swelling in both arms but mainly my right arm. The more I use it the worse it is. There is also fluid in my armpits. These is pockets of fluid around my knees.

    I go to a massage therapist for lymph drainage and it helps as long as I am not active.
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    I have terrible swelling too...Mine is my arms,hands, legs, feet, I will wake with puddles under my eyes...But my stomach also swells...I look about 5 months pg. I guess I swell everywhere but those are the worst..

    I have to wear real loose clothes to stay comfy and that doesn't even cut it..

    I also have terrible gets worse the more I swell...Then when I am so swollen I almost feel numb...When I get really swollen I also have a hard time breathing...

    I too can gain 4-6 lbs...with my period I gained 8 lbs....It is so uncomfortable...

    I just went yesterday for some allergy testing...I think mine could be allergies...

    I had really changed my diet but still had some swelling but wasn't feeling that much a couple days ago I started eating whatever(within reason) and I am just huge now...I have more energy eating more and feel a little better...but the swelling it bad...

    I have to take an antihistamine everyday cuz of the itching but I still itch sooo bad everywhere..When I don't take it I will get alot more hives..But I can feel like my skin is on fire in spots..

    Last night we had a b-day party for my daughter and I ate some stuff...and my ears and face were on fire..I have had a hive behind my ear for a couple days now...It hurts.

    So it will be iterrsting to get my allerging testing back..They took blood for it and sent it away...I am to go back to the dr. on Thur...

    Good luck to you...I know how you all feel with the extra swelling...It is just uncomfortable..


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    Hello Everyone,

    I have found the best herb for fluid is cornsilk and I get the Solaray brand.

    I used to have a great deal of trouble with fluid in my knees and there was no way I could squat down or kneel. If I did it would feel like my knees were going to split open and boy did it hurt!

    A good friend told me about her mother taking cornsilk for fluid and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did. Withing three or four days I had a lot less fluid and within maybe a week or week and a half the fluid was totally gone.

    Now, whenever I notice I'm retaining fluid, even around my period, I start taking the cornsilk and that takes care of it.

    Hope that this helps.

    God Bless,
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    Thank you for your support. I don't get much around the house, my son says I act old! I told him when he gets my age and has what I have he will feel just as old! He's a good boy and doesn't get much support from his Dad for the rest of the family. They don't know what they are missing, all he asks for is love and I am the only one who does.

    Could someone tell me where to get cornsilk, is it a herb or what? I guess I'm dumb in this area!
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    I went to church today with knee highs and sandles. My feet were so swollen - and I had to stay dressed up to go to the funeral home for a friend.

    i undressed downm to aw loose robe. I got my blood pressure cuff out today - the blood pressure wasn't too bad- 138/72 (I am usually lower) but my pulse stays about 115!!! I discovered that in our "Rx' drawer that I couldn't find my blood pressure m ed! BHubby gets the meds. out. I hope tomorrow and the med. it will gio down. Guess that is why8 I get so winded!!

    Yesterday was a bad day!! hubby does not like the word Fibromyalgia and hasn'et since I was dx'd 3 yr. ago. We had words as he was mad about something pertaining to it and I cried and cried --- and again today!!

    I guess I upped my8 pulse with that.

    I hope to get in to regular dr. tomorrow. My right leg has some rash on it and I don't dare touch it as it itches. Has some rash.

    Thanks for the cornsilk idea. It is worth a try.

    Luv to all you dear friends

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    It is good to talk to someone else with the problem
  20. lilaclover30

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    again and again.