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    i haven't come to the message board since sept. i was really feeling bad i found out in oct that i now have type 2 diabetes along with fibromyalgia and neuropathy. so i guess now it will be a guess at what is causing pain and what isn't. does anyone else have these other problems with the fibromyalgia and if so how do you cope with it. i get burning pains in my feet ( the parts of them that i can feel) and don't know if it is the neropathy or the fibromyalgia. i don't sleep well at night because of the pain but to tell which problem is causing it is a delimia. the drs. in my area don't belive that there is such thing a fibromyalgia so it is hard to get any help.
    thanks for listening
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    Welcome back Terry. Burning pain in the soles of my feet is one of my fibro symptoms.
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    I have all those and more. I deal with them on a day to day or minute to minute basis. I'm on oral meds for the diabetes, and I take a ton of stuff for everything else. Just keeping up with the meds is a full time job!

    I have to watch what I eat, of course, but once you "get used to it", it becomes almost second nature.

    I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy last month. That was a tough one! I only have mild numbness in my feet so far.

    I have CFS/FM, RLS, OA, OAB, migraines, and everything that goes with them. I think the most important thing in dealing with these DDs is to keep a sense of humor.

    You know it's bad when you have more letters after your name than your doctor does! LOL

    God Bless.

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    Have you tried Cymbalta? It was made for Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I don't have diabetes but it helped my foot and hand immensely.

    Check it out.