Back and knee pain

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    I have been under a lot of stress here lately which has caused me to go into a terrible flare. My middle back hurts so bad and I can't get any relief. It has been like this for a week now. I called my dr. but unfortunately he was out of town so I had to make an appointment for Monday. (only one more day!) He had called and left a message telling me he was not going to be in town but I could come see one of his associates. I chose to wait because he has been helping through all of this and he personally knows what I'm going through. Another reason is because I don't care for one of the associates, in my opinion he's a fruit cake. (lol) My knees have been hurting awfully bad as well. I wake in the middle of the night hurting. On the inside area of my leg just below my knees I keep getting these swollen knots. It appears to be full of liquid. These knots do shrink from time to time but when I have been standing, walking, or just flaring, these knots are very defined. They are painful as well. I only hope that when I go see my dr. tommorrow the knots are just as defined as they are at the moment. Does anyone one else experience this and if so what do you do to get relief from the knotty knees?
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    I, too, have back pain and one thing that helps is wearing those Thermal Wraps that you can get at the grocery store, Eckards, Walgreens, etc. The heat really helps to keep the pain under control. My knee problems are different to yours but Tylenol helps them, as well as, the back. Good luck!!