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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyL, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. nancyL

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    I am rather new to this board and was in remission for awhile...but I am having awful back and side pain. When I turn just to back the car out....I have unbelievable pain along spine and is worst in the morning....I am seeing a chiropractor but not sure it is helping! It is raining here so it is really bad today....Do others have these pains along the spine...and side ??

    I live in NOrthern Va...and may try the docs that were listed in previous post....
  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Nancy:

    Yes, I can relate to the back and side pain. As for the side pain, it's almost always on my left side. My back bothers me every day, especially in the neck area. Some days I would love to cut out my neck! You said that the pain is worst in the morning. When you sleep at night do you put a pillow under your knees when you are on our back and between your knees when you are on your side? I found that helped, especially with the morning stiffness. I bought a long tubular foam pillow, which seems to do the trick. My fibro specialist recommended doing this. He also showed me some stretching exercises, which I do in the morning and evening. I would do them in the middle of the day, too, but I am at work then and can't really do it here. I also walk and work out on my exercise equipment in my basement four to five times a week. If you are interested in the stretching exercises, I could tell you more about them. Of course nothing totally takes away the pain, but I figure anything that helps me function better is worth the time and effort.

    I, too, see a chiropractor. Have been for about two years. I sometimes have wondered if it's helping, but am afraid how I might be if I quit. Plus, he has a massaging machine in his office that I use sometimes after my adjustment and that feels so good.

    I live in southern Michigan and the cold and wet weather definitely affects me! My husband and I went to Hawaii last month, and I noticed I felt better during the trip. Guess my body likes the Hawaiian weather. Anyway, hope this is of some help. I'm sure it was discouraging to you to be in remission and then have the pain back. I have times when I feel better, but have never had a remission.

    Hang in there and let us know how you are!

  3. nancyL

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    thanks for your good advice about the pillow and sleeping and all....I will try that. TOday is a warmer day and I do feel a little better!! and no moisture so that does make a difference.

    I love the chiropractor massaging table too!!

    I am managing this pain because I know what causes it!! For so long I did not know and that was awaful!! I can deal with this.... left side hurts more too!!

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    Mine woke me up during the night a few times.)trying to get comfy) Mine is low back,wraps around my left side and into my hip area.Seems to bother even the front groin area too.Is yours the same??? I wondered if its trigger points or just muscle pain?? Mine is ripping as I type this!! Its hurtin~(maybe the sitting position is irratating it?Hope we all find relief from yet another bothersome symptom!!
    Take care all.....if you get a minute,let me know if my pain sounds like yours.I don't know if its from the FM or my endometriosis? Thanks,
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    You have described me to a T..except mine is on my right side right now. This is really an irratating little diddy..huh?

    Nancy..I just had a chiro appointment yesterday for this. I thought I was going to pass out when he worked on it! I never get like that. yesterday afternoon I started feeling better. is sore..but nothing like the stabbing pain I was experiencing before the treatment. I have been putting ice on it quite a seems to help too.

    Hope we all start feeling better soon!....Sherry