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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sbarr, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Is there anyone that is back working full time? I have been for nearly a year, but just because I have been fortunate to do so. I feel so lonely at times, it's been said it's the invisable illness. People are always the same at the beginning, ask the right questions, How are you? which is not necessary the right question to ask but at least they are expressing an interest.

    Give it 10 months back at work, then were are the questions of how you are feeling?

    I don't expect 24hrs attention, far from it. But on the odd occassion when I am honest and tell it how it is, like today, I feel rotten, so tired I can't think straight,pain's constant in my legs, shakes, concentration levels gone. They look at me like ' yeah well so do I sometimes, but do you hear me complain! I'm I being over senstive?

    If anyone is back at work please share you experiences, it would help me,so much.

    I appreciate any comment's or thought's anyone has.


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    Thank you for your reply, this is my first time, posting a question, still all new to me.

    But your reply proved to me that someone is listening.

    I do agree with your point's, I normally play by these rules, but I guess I just had a bad day, and was feeling really low about it,


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    Don't you sometimes feel that if you had your leg in a cast, you'd get more understanding and respect? You'd probably have co-workers fetching things for you, etc....not that others helping you is what you want, but you know what I mean.

    I work 30 hours a week and it seems to be a good compromise for me...not quite fulltime, but more than parttime. Allows me to go home a little earlier and crash if I need to. But I've actually improved in the past three years that I've been at this job, and I attribute much of it to feeling better mentally from doing something my mental outlook changed, gradually the physical health seemed to improve, too. I do have tired/achy days, but not as much at all.

    I've had cancer the past 6 months and have been off work being treated (leukemia). I can't wait to go back, hopefully in a couple of weeks. I guess I missed the routine and the good feelings I got from doing something I like and felt was worthwhile....but again, I only work a 30-hour week. Many of us who work fulltime actually put in even more hours than that, adding to the stress and fatigue.

    No, you aren't being sensitive at all...others without these illnesses just don't understand, and because we don't "show" it, they think we are always just fine.

    I hope it gets better for you... and I'm glad you posted, too. While there's a lot of folks here who don't work, there's a lot who do, so hopefully you'll hear from them, too!


  4. sbarr

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    Thanks for replying, it means alot!


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