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    Man. I was right, I shouldnt have gone. hahah. They set me up. IV, Hx. etc... rolled me into the Dr. gave me Versed (midazolam) and fentanyl In the IV. I asked if I could watch too. They said sure, if you will even remember. Oh, I did because when they took that turn in my colon ---I could feel it, and said, owww and heard the Dr say to the Nurse "More Versed." I remember all of it. And believe it or not I could feel it. Not painful, but unpleasant. Seemed quick.

    Appears to be hemorrhoids up in the colon. Thank God that is all it was....

    I was in the recovery room and I asked the Dr why I was so nauseaus all the time? And he said, "Because of all the meds I take" He didnt want any questions;was rude and all the typical arrogant specialist stuff. what a sh_t head. I only take Klonopin, Ultram and Remeron. oh well. So I cancelled the upper endoscopy. At least we know its nothing bad :)
    What a relief this is all is. And now I can finally stop seeing him.

    The prep was hell. I will never drink Phosho Soda again with docolax!!!! My stomach is still grinding away. And I had to use the bathroom 4 times at the hospital and once before leaving. At least I was clean. I think he commented, I did a good job at following his instructions for pre-care. HAHA

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    Im so glad to hear. That sure explains why you had blood running. Never heard of this. Is there anything they can do to fix them? I had them terrible after giving birth and never had to have anything done to them. I just keep it under control without any problem. Sure hope thats for you too. Anyway I'm so relieved it all went well. I felt the twists and turns of the too but it really was just a little pressure. I had a conversation with the dr. while having it done and did remember what we talked about cuz he said all was ok. Not anything I want to have done again real soon but didnt think it was a big deal. The prep, however was hell.
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    I had that done before, only remember waking up and want out of there very badly. Glad it turned out good for you.The prep is awful.
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    Finally I have some useful info for you instead of just compassion, LOL! Hemmorhoids (wherever they are) can be taken care of quickly and efficiently by taking Rutin. Will find you quit bleeding really quickly and don't have to take the Rutin long at all. Hope this helps...and am very glad this wa the problem. love, Rebel
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    So glad that it turned out to be nothing serious...just a pain in the a..literally,lol.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


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    Glad it's over. Your message title conjures
    up all sorts of images.

    I know I need to get a colonoscopy and I am more
    afraid of the prep than the actual test.

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    Thank you for sharing with us, what you went through, somehow it helps to know that "Doctor's" can go through these nasty test's the same snivling way I would, lol, lol.
    Just kidding, I haven't done one lately and unless the Knock me out Cold, I won't.
    Had one done back in the early 80's after I had gone to the Lower GI, then I went to the Doctor;s office, and by then he had the report. So he got his nasty tube out and did the Procuder on me in the Office, without and Meds or nothing,

    It hurt like hell and I'm sure that they heard me cussing out in the waiting room, I was a Semi Driver at the time, so I had some the ladie's probably hadn't heard before, lol.
    They didn't find anything either.

    Turn's out after many Moon's, (pun?) it turn's out I had IBS with CMP trigger point called McBurney's Point causing the trouble.

    Oh yeah, if I remember right, back on the first Post, I think I did mention the Internal Hemorriods, so glad that is what it was. Diet will take care of that, and lot;s of Water.

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    I received something in the mail just within the past two weeks about being able to have a colonoscopy without any invasive tests - it is all done by ultrasound. Something that anyone who needs to have one done might want to check out. My problem, is first of all I'm a chicken, second of all the preparation is what I'm really afraid of. The Dulcolax pills make me feel like I am dying, and praying I would hurry up and do so. Seems like there must be a better way than having to take all those dulcolax pills. I don't know if everyone has as severe cramping and nausea from them or if it's because of the IBS.

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    Fibrogal I will definetly look into the Rutin..I think a natural approach worth a shot. Luckily, as gross as this sounds, I dont have constipation, and in fact have very frequent, yet normal bowel movements.

    I dont know how anyone can not do this procedure with at least being traquillized. As, a side note. If any of you take Klonopin/Xanax in high to moderate will need a higher dose of Verased I.V., if that is one of the agents they are using for a procedure for you. I dont know much about surgery or procedures too much, except for observation but, I had benzo cross tolerance. I was told I took 2-3 times higher than the 'usual' amount, and still, was concious, have FULL memory and was barely sedated! Yikes! Let your doc know this in the future.

    Only side effect I had was some mild hypotension from this...which is normal and lasted maybe 20 mins tops. I am just bewildered more than anything. And am SO happy, it is over and wasn't anything major! Please, dont let a GI do this procedure with with minimal to no sedation, no matter how brave. I dont think they do least not any of the northeastern hospitals, I can think of? I am afraid the trauma itself from making an exit an entrance could send many FMS's into a flare! Really no joke...I mean trauma can cause you to have a rebout with herpes, why could trauma cause a flare?

    As a side note: I don't know how well I could guage my couisness level...but I think I said some lewd words to the doctor, post I.V. I am wondering if that was why he was so rude to me...... really, embarrased!
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    I have had 2 colonoscopies and a sigmoidoscopy.ALL of them SUCK!(I have ulcerative colitis)I have to go in every 2 yrs. and get a colonoscopy.Drinking that carp makes me sick!Way too much,getting enemas when needs sucks!The 1st one I slept through,the 2nd one I woke up and it hurt like hell.The flexible scope one I was awake for and I did watch on screen,VERY uncomfortable though.
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    I was living in Idaho at the time, it was back in 1982, and I was having horrible pains in my Right side, felt like a finger was poking me, Hard. I used to kid and say if I didn't know better, I'd think I was Pregger's.

    I went to a Ladies Clinic In Caldwell Id, and they did a lot of test's on me. They did one where I had to drink a ton of water, and not pee, till they had done their test on me, an Ultrasound. Nothing showed, but the Doctor thought that there was something, so he had me do a Lower and Upper GI. That was done in the early am, and it was Horrible.

    I went to the Doctor's office right after that testing, his office is right next to the Hospital. Well like I said the Test's from the GI showed nothing. So he said that while I was already cleaned out, and since it about Killed me to do it, and I didn't want to really go through another Cleanseing, I consented to the Test that he wanted to do.

    He and his Nurse took me into this room, that had a Weird Table, one that you lean on so that they can see up your, whazoo. Next thing I know he has this Tube, it was Black, and he said to take a Deep breathe, don't move and he would quick as possible.

    Like I said, I had no sedation, None, I scream, and cussed, and he finally stoped. Guess what? Nothing showed, again.
    It was a horrible experience one that I am not likely to forget, and it's probably the Main Reason that I put off getting one now. I don't Trust to many Doctor's, the ones I have a Gem's, but I have yet to find a good GI. or Neuro who wasn't on a Ego Trip and wanting to do the most Invasie procedure's before the easy one's. That was when I had the PPO, now with the HMO, I can't get into see a Dr. to see if my Mastoid Disease is causing me so Miseerable and Scary symptoms.

    No Don't ever let anyone do that Test without being put to sleep.

    They ended up doing Explority Surgery, and only removed my Overies, because they said the Right one was shruken and so they took both.
    That was in Sept of 82, by Dec of 82 on Christmas Eve, I was in the Er at the Hospital in Reno. Nv.
    I was Hurting just like before.

    The Intern on duty did some x-ray's without doing a Cleansing first. He came into my Exm room and said that he had Never seen anyone so Constapted, he wanted to do an enemina, but I said no I would do one when I got back home.

    Yep that's one of my Favorite Memories, we were living in a Rundown Motel, looking for an apt. It was one of thoes kind that will also rent the rooms for an hour???
    The one right next to our's, we used to Turn up the TV.

    We had just enough Money for a Christmas Tree, a Pot of Bean's, the white kind with Hamhocks, and a bottle of Cold Duck, guess that's what sent me to the ER huh????

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    I'm glad you survived this!!

    You are right, the bowel prep is the worst part---you become "one" with your toilet!!

    My procedure went well, though; I had demerol, but had to skip the valium component of the "cocktail"----I have a paradoxical reaction to valium (which I found out the hard way from some previous nose surgery; I'd rather have hot pokers stuck in my eyes than ever agree to a valium I.V. again...)----one thing I remember was how quick it seemed to go! Seemed like about 5 minutes in my demerol-ed state; probably more like 15-20 in undrugged time.

    I like that you you know your results right away, though...

    Glad you have this out of the way & at least know a little more...