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    Popping in to say hi! Mom left yesterday, and then we go on vaca. Sat. morning for a week (going with hubby on a work trip). Busy, busy, and I am very tired! Kiddo and I saw friends, and our ND, yesterday after we dropped Nana off at the airport, so that was fun as I still am quite alone up at our new place. But the 100-mi. drive in the dark last night on L.A.'s notorious freeways was very draining! I've been in a nasty fog all day, although just in the past hour I've finally started feeling a little better (after my 2nd Coke...not doing well cutting back on caffeine).

    My doctor said my liver is "out"/I need to start a gentle detox again, and he hopes that will help with the fatigue/even out the energy cycles and also help with my middle-of-the-night awakening. He has me taking some very gentle homeopathic remedies. I really hope they work, as I have a history of "aggravating" whenever I try even the smallest, gentlest amount of detox. Hopefully the vaca. will be least it will be somewhere warm, as we've had a nasty cold snap here (relatively speaking) and I have been just freezing (I'm in a sweatshirt and turtleneck now, pretty eskimo-ish gear for where I live).

    Things are still nasty with hubby...he will never "get" CFS and what it entails. I really just want him to leave me alone at this point, as I'd rather have no support than negative comments. My mom was getting quite critical towards the end of her stay/complaining about things, too, as well as getting on me about how draining my daughter is. Yeah, like I don't know that. But my daughter had loads of fun with her nana, and it was good for them to see each other as nana hadn't visited for a year and a half. Still, you don't know how nice it is to be able to hop online and have a few minutes completely alone with the house to myself, before I have to pick our daughter up at school.

    So if anyone knows of anything to help me get through this latest detox round without again aggravating, let me know! I am being good and already have drank about 1L of water, and I'm going to force myself to at least go to the gym and do something basic tomorrow. Just get out of the house. The rain seems to have stopped for now, too, so it is very nice to see the sun.

    Thanks for everything, and I hope everyone is doing well!
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    Thank you for your good wishes. Glad you checked in, and it also sounds like you have a ton going on....and it's not easy, either.

    I hope you have a nice, maybe? With a little girl, it is a hard thing to do.

    Take good care of you. I'm glad you checked in so we know you are OK.

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    I hope you stay nice and warm on your vacation...good job on drinking lots of water! Sometimes a coke (for me, it's coffee) just sounds better than water, but we know caffeine isn't good.

    I like to have the house to myself sometimes one but myself to worry about.

    As for the liver detox, I just got some good info from Stormy and Hopeful4. See my post titled "What natural supps help a swollen liver?" and there is quite a protocol about castor oil packs. Also they mention dandelion and milk thistle. Take care!
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    what is wrong with your liver, if you don't mind me asking? is it from anitdepressant's or some medication?

    i hope it isn't anything too serious...

    glad your daughter had a good time w/her nanna...

    i am sorry you are not getting along better in your new apt?you got an apt right? i know you are trying to sell the old house in the old city...then you were going to move into a new home but stay in an apt for awhile, if i remember correctly...

    well if i live down your way you bet your bibby i would be a good friend to go do things with or just to talk...

    i understand how it is hard to move to a new city then make new friends, let along have all the stress you are enduring w/cfs and the hubby...maybe some day when you are able to make the break...if that is what you decided taking care of your child won't be so much stressful or a handful...

    i do not know that much about her disability...i am not going to pretend i do...but is it something that the older she gets she will calm down some?

    well thinking you,


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