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    We returned Saturday from 10 days visiting friends and sight seeing in the Seattle, Washington area. So lovely and green and cool there! I'm ready to move right now! I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of walking and even hiking I was able to do, although I did try to pace myself, and have a quieter day after a strenuous one. I set my mind that I would enjoy the trip, and I did!

    It's interesting staying with friends who are not accustomed to living with someone who lives with fibro. Our friends in both households where we stayed were a bit mystified, but accomodated my needs to slow down, to sit down sometimes while they went on ahead a bit, and my peculiar eating needs. (I gotta eat on a semi regular schedule...) I made sure not to complain or kvetch, made sure to take care of my needs quietly and not make a fuss about them, and took a little more Darvocet than I usually take. It worked out well, and I found I was able to push myself to walk a little further and a little longer, and even managed the hike through the rain forest, up to see a spectacularly beautiful waterfall on Friday. Amazing. I think there is something to the concept of exercising to manage fibro, after all. I didn't know I could do all that.

    Some of my success on this trip was because I'd been on the treadmill 3 times a week for about a month prior, and had gone twice to a wonderful massage therapist (who is blind, by the way!) who knows how to release the psoas muscle in the lower back and hip, relieving much of my low back pain. I've also been taking an enzyme called Vitalzyme, started it about a week before we left. I think it is doing good things for me.

    Oddly, I felt better on the trip than I have the past couple of days at home. Readjusting, I suppose. The heat and humidity here have been an interesting stressor since we've been home. I plan to continue to walk, add strength training from the book Strong Men and Women Beat Arthritis (I know, that's the other message board!), and continue to clean up my diet and take the Vitalzym. I am hoping to be able to continue feeling at home as I did on the trip. I hope.

    It is quite a morale booster for me, to know that I was able to accomplish the physical feats I did. I am still amazed and delighted! Gives me hope...

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    Good for you. I am so glad you had a good time and were able to enjoy yourself and do more than expected. I do agree witht the exercise thing too. I am back to walking 3x a week again a feel better. The pain is the same but the attitude and overall wellness feeling has improved. Again, welcome back and congratulations for overcoming so many physicals feats!!!

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    I am from this gorgeous area! The weather here is very condusive to fibro. The winters don't get too cold, the summers not too hot, low humidity. I saw that you live in sunny California though. Isn't it great there with the sunshine to help you feel better? dolsgirl
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    glad you had a wonderful vacation. I pulled up your bio and it said you had carpal tunnel. In Dr. Titlebaums's book from fatigued to fantastic in the very beginning i think like in the intro he speaks about how easy it is to treat carpal tunnel.....i believe he said magnesium deficiency..

    if someone has the book handy perhaps they can look it up for you....

    take care crissy...
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