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  1. Aeronsmom

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    The plane ride was not as bad as I had thought altho VERY long still suffering Jetlag, we had a fantastic time there and it was so nice and sunny and warm..I know now that I definately want to move there because while I was there it almost seemed like all my illness went away, I did not have any pain, I slept thru the night ( I have not slept thru the night in about 8 years ) I never fell once ( usually I fall anywhere from 4-6 times aday ) I was able to take a shower without having any skin irriatation.. I felt like my old self...before this DD. I have been home for 3 days now and everything is starting to come back..the pain, the weakness, I have already fell a few times now, hubby said he is going to start looking for a job in Australia to get us back there. Anyways Thanks to all who gave me tips/advice on what to do to keep myself occupied on the airplane.

    love to all, Ann
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  2. morningsonshine

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    I was just wondering about you. Glad you did okay, and liked the place too.

    Hope it all works out well for you and yours, next time it won't even be scary!

    Take Care
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    Wow, a trip to Australia! I envy you. What a great experience.

    Now I've heard this many times that people go on holidays and they seem to improve. i'm the same way. You even slept through the night. I wonder if because we are more relaxed and having such a good time.

    Maybe you should move there and just live in a hut on the beach, a stress free existence!! I would join you.

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    Hi Ann glad you guys love the Oz, have lived here since I was 10 come from Holland orginally.....
    Sorry to hear all you pains etc back and maybe you better come and live here but then how come we have illness as well???????
    I live in melbourne did you go there and what did you see there????? Next time maybe we can meet........

    love n light
  5. Rosiebud

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    what do you think caused the change in your health?? Was the weather better than where you live, cleaner air??

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Anne, what a way to go to get a good night's sleep, I forget what that is.

  6. Aeronsmom

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    We were in Melbourne and then stayed at some friends house in Horsham for a few days...went to Broken Hill, Clunes,
    Little River, then we went to Adelaide for a couple of days as this is where we would like to move to, the air was SOOOOO much cleaner in Australia I could not believe how clean the air was...maybe that is what helped me.

    Australia is a beautiful country and I hope one day soon to call my own. It would be great to meet, we have lots of friends in Australia that we met via internet so it was really nice to put faces to the names.

    Love to all, Ann

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  7. harmony21

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    Yes anne i agree Aus a beautiful country and I wouldnt chamge for the world, am quite happy here. Yes Adelaide is a lovely place especially the Barossa Valley have been there but not recently. then again my number 3 son just went to US and Canada he is member of the Lyndon La Rouche Youth Movement, and went to have some extra brainwashing done there, oh well he is 25 and wants to save the world and he is happy for now anyway. Photos he took expecially Canada it was gorgeous too, guess the whole Earth is beautiful hey......keep in touch

    love n hugs

    ps i orginally cam from Holland if I didnt already mention that, seem to repeat myself so much these days