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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NewEnglander, Mar 20, 2003.

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    I'm back from my Doctors appointment. She knows about the car accident I was just in. She told me That I have no injury, that the increase of pain and dizziness is just my fibro acting up, she also said unlike other people who feel soar for a few days I will probably feel soar for a few weeks. I told her that I decided to get off of the serzone since its not a good drug and its not doing me any good anyway and she told me that would be fine... don't I have to wean myself off of that??? should have asked.
    Anyway I'm not just soar its PAIN......she will not give me the oxycotin that I asked for because she feels it might be too strong for me. I told her I didn't like the flexeral that it made me feel stupid and uncomfortable but she wants to keep me on it. they seem to like that drug in that office.
    I did get vicodin from the E.R. and she did agree to refill it...that vicodin helps me so much. I take it before I get out of bed in the I can get out of bed without being hunched over..I don't think she will continue it though. So I'm going to enjoy some pain relief for a little while, I'm not a junky I just want to stop the pain. and I'm not a doctor and don't know how...The only thing about the vicodin is it keeps me awake at night so I have to take it early in the day.. I'm on my own the rest of the day. oh thats right I have the flexeral..and vioxx which does not work.. the vioxx makes me sick and the pain is still this is good therapy, typing out all this anger and frustration.
    anyway I told her that sometimes the pain consumes me and I get really scared..All I got back was a blank expression, but in a professional sort of way (sarcasism)..well time to focus on others besides myself. thanks for listening.
    God Bless
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    Sorry to hear about your accident and I am glad that you are okay. I use Flexeral and to me it is a god sent. If you are feeling frookie with it cut the pill in half and take one half of a pill during the day and use a full tablet for bedtime. Right now especially after your accident you really need to try to keep your muscles relaxed. Or else the pain will be horrible. I hope this helps and I wish you a quick recovery okay.
    Take care.
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    I was in a car accident a year ago. Have not been back to work since. My wiplash created so many escalated symptoms with my fibro. I am now on long term disability. I take oxycontin 40mg 3 times a day and it does help. Nothing totally takes away pain but it sure takes the edge off. Be carefull with this accident thing. I have a friend who has severe fibro too from already having it then being in a car accident. Your doctor blew this off too quickly. It will takes months not weeks and if your like me and my friend you may never go back to how your were prior to the accident. I pray you do . Just be carefull, rest and take the pain meds regular. I say a prayer for you.
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    Sometimes you have to press the pain issue. I had to do that with my doctor and eventually they will get sick of you talking about it and give you what you need to feel better. I pushed my doctor till he finally sent me to pain management and since then I have tried MScontin which didnt give me any relief to now being on Oxycontin 20mg twice a day. It works great but it is strong and if you don't like that drugged feeling then its probably best that you don't take it. I don't like the drugged feeling either but its either that or pain so I choose the drug!! I lived in pain for to long and don't want to feel that again. By no means am I pain free, far from it. I am not in extreme pain anymore though and that was what I wanted to feel at least the edge taken off. If the vicodin is working for you keep at it with your doctor about your pain, press the issue everytime you see the doc. I had to tell my doctor every time I went that I was hurting and needed relief and that he needed to help me!!! and finally he did. They are not readily going to give up the goods unless you demand it almost. I hope that you feel better. I am glad that this visit went ok.
    hugs and God bless