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    Hi there
    I tried to bump myself on a couple of my previous post on drugs so you would know what I'm talking about. don't know if it worked..
    I was doing great on the Vicoden, it helped me so much, I was almost pain free. the Doctor will only give me 2 more weeks worth of the vicoden, thats not going to get me through Easter.
    However she did perscribe me some Soma because I did not like the flexeril because of wieght gain and spaceyness. I don't know if the Soma will be much better.
    She also perscribed some hydroxy for my itchyness (which I think is from meds),.. I took both at the same time which I don't know if it was a good idea, only because if there is a side effect I won't know from which drug..
    In 2 weeks I will be getting some oxy cotin. ( I think that's what she said)I have to say I am a little nervous when trying new drugs like I'm doing tonight. In fact the whole thing makes me a little sad. I just came into my room to relax and be alone and my husband just came in here to yell at me for some stupid little minor thing and I ended up swearing, which is something I try so hard not to do,. so now I'm not only angry at him, I'm angry at myself as well,. feeling bad for myself I guess.( this makes me feel so guilty with all that's going on with the war) or maybe its the meds, I just don't know anymore. I'll count my Blessings in the morning
    take care and God Bless
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    Your doctor certainly is different than the ones in my state! You would be lucky to get Vicoden in the first place. Then, if you did get it, it would be for only about 10 pills.

    For you doctor to say that she won't give you any more Vicoden and then put you on Oxycotin is just UNREAL! I would think that she would not want to change you to something stronger (regardless of the Tylenol part of the meds)!! Where I live, there is a real problem with street sales of drugs, primarly Oxycotin, Percocet, Soma, and Xanax. If you are on Oxycotin and not a cancer patient, then the doctors label you as a druggie.

    Same goes for Soma! If you had been on Flexeril and got too spacy, our docs would try you on something like Zanaflex (another muscle relaxer) where you can adjust the dosage and find the point that you need to benefit you and not leave you spacy. Soma would never be perscribed because of the druggie label you would receive.

    I don't want to offend anyone who is currently taking these two drugs, because I am sure they are good medicines. I just know how they are perceived in my part of the country, due to the drug problems here. (There is a drug store robbed about one a week in our tri-state area for Oxycotin.)

    My father was on Oxycotin before he had his leg amputated--he was in so much pain due to his foot and leg dying and he refused to have it amputated until he just couldn't stand the pain any longer. His surgeon was even afraid to perscribe the Oxycotin for him because of my mother being elderly. He was afraid she would be attacked before she left the drug store for it. This is a common occurrence around here. So me or my brother had to accompany Mom when she went to get his medication. But, oxy was a blessing for my Dad's pain, but he only took it for 2 weeks before he relented to the amputation.

    Anyway, I hope your new meds work well for you. Be glad that you live in an area where there are no drug problems (like I have in my area) and where the doctors are afraid to perscribe any strong narcotics.

    P.S. I went to a Pain Management doctor due to the fibro pain, lupus pain, arthritis pain, and pain in my neck and back due to spinal stenosis, bone spurrs, buldging disks, pinched nerves, and degeneratings disks (with CT scans to prove it) and I was perscribed Darvocet after agreeing to attend physical therapy for 18 sessions!!!!!!! See what a different location will make!