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    I am going to stay calm. And explain briefly. At my family's prodding I decided after a few years to go get this whole "GI Thing" checked out. Bloody stools, tar like ones, etc.... The New GI of course had no clue. Didnt look at my extensive, messed up blood work? I basically, cut it short for him. I said, "I dont want to be here, I want answers and I dont want a lot of sh_t and I want it done quick".

    I told him about my horrible other GI dr. from Yale who I can not stand. Because thats one of his dear friends! He laughed and sheduled me for a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy at 2 different dates...which pissed me off, because I dont have time to take out of my schedule to get these 2 procedures, that are going to come back negative anyway done. And he said insurance wont pay for both at one time and I understand that reasoning. He doesnt do them there. I have to go to this crappy hospital, way out of the way and get a ride to and from there on both occasions with almost no one to take me. I may just cancel. I am too young for all this.
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    I hear what you are saying! My son recently went thru the exact same thing! He had both the endo and colonoscopy...both showed imflammation of the stomach but that is it, back to square one. :( He is as frustrated as you are.
    I am sorry I cant help you but I do hope they find a solution for you
    hugs to you
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    sometimes all this crap is too much. and it seems like no one is using their brains. we just want someone to show us a little "know-how" and feel like progress is being made, but its never easy. this whole DD is never easy! argh!
    Im sorry your suffering with this whole GI thing. it totally sucks.
    its up to you if you want to go ahead with the procedure
    I cancelled on my last doc because he kept giving me allergy testing and I kept passing out, and he hardly even looked at my past bloodwork etc...blah blah blah

    I guess sometimes you need to forge ahead, to learn more, and sometimes you need to walk away from a fruitless situation...good luck, keep us posted...
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    You've come this far - you have to see it through now.

    What are two (admittedly very annoying) appointments, in the scheme of things?

    Yes, you are too young for all this and we all want you to get a lot GO !!!!

    If one of us had just posted what you have said - you would have been on our backs, telling us to go - so now we are going to make sure YOU go!

    You know this needs checking out - it may be something, it may be nothing, but at least it will have been checked.

    Please, please, please go. You are too special to us to mess about with your health like this. If you duck out now, all that energy that it took to get this set up, will have been wasted.

    I want you to go to these appointments - could you tell????
    sorry to be a nag - but we really care about you!
    big, empathetic hugs
    Mary xxxx
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    Quit whining and do as the dr and your loving family says. Sure it a big nuisance but you know you have to DEAL with it and all your excuses are just rationalization to not deal with it NOW.
    Now that Im thru with the tough love stuff I cannot encourage you enough to follow thru. Dealing with it now is a nuisance, later could be all consuming. You are afraid and who wouldnt be. Dont let the fear win. Be a man and face it. Your bigger than it is.
    You need to know my acerbic words are always said with a wry smile and sometimes the flat paper medium looses that. I say it this way out of love. Yes love. Now please love yourself to take the time to care for yourself. What else are you doing that is sooooo important that would allow you to put self care on the bottom shelf. We just had a big post about that at your bidding.
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    Please do not cancel. Bloody stools is nothing to dismiss. I know how frustrating testing can be but use it to incorporate in your treatment of your own patients. You are already a fine doc and going through what patients go through will only add to your kindness and sensitivity to them.

    I put off my colonoscopy for five years and started bleeding high up enough that it was dark in the stool. My doc removed five polyps, three of them precancerous. I was lucky; in five years, it could have been cancer. I will now go faithfully every two years for this test.

    We have enough problems without inviting or ignoring others. I pray that these tests reveal what has been ailing you and that you get good treatment. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
  7. AC77

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    I am just irritable about all this. because everything is so out of the way. and the appts are so spaced. just venting. I will of course go. I am going through the anger phase of my illness. To make matters worse I a withdrawling from my klonpin, maybe a little too fast and its added more to my plate. I am not scared of the test. It's just like having to do something you hate. Like charter family member who are visiting around town all day and listen to them!
    :) my pet peeve.

    What makes me sorta angry is my 'gut' tells me there is nothing to be found by this Expensive testing! the G.I. doc doesn't know I am an M.D., as he is affiliated with 2 other hospitals that I am not--thank goodness. He is very nice, however. For insurance information, I put I was a student--which in theory I am, until I finish my residency in 2 1/2 years! So I play coy and am not playing doctor. He seems baffled I know what the tests mean and so forth and I just exclaimed that, I am an educated consumer! If askrf I will not lie and tell him but until then, I can assure you, aside from a few perks, dr's don't get any special treatment, unless the people involved know you. like anything in life. Dr's hate nothing more than someone telling them what tests to run and how to be a dr!

    Lots of light and

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    So sorry you have to be going thru this, but you need to find the cause and get it taken care of. I had a double whammy procedure a year ago, I don't see why they won't do it. It would be cheaper for the insurance co. to do them together. Please have this done so you can find out what is wrong. You need to feel better!!!!

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    First of all Hello to everyone, this is my first post. There seems to be many kind and caring people on this board. It is nice to know that someone else really understands what all of the FMS people are going through.

    I would like to comment to ac77 about the GI problem, and I don't mean to preach, just bear with me. It was one year ago in Novemeber that I started to notice my stools starting getting really black and tary. I knew what this meant, but I guess I thought if I ignored it than maybe it would go away. Well to make a long story short I couldn't walk across the house without getting very short of breath, and dizzy. After passing out one day at home, my wife called 911 and I went to the ER and then to ICU. I had to get 4 units of blood, and after scoping both ends I was told my whole stomach lining was bleeding. Ten years of anti-inflamatories had really done a number on me.

    Ac77, just don't let it get this far. After getting through Lymes Disease, and living the past 5 years with FMS, I really wasn't paying attention to other things happening in my body. I hope this wasn't too preachy.