Back from having UltraSound done on my Legs This Morning...

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    After seeing my doctor on wednesday and he saw how bad my legs and feet continue to stay swelled and hurt. He set me up this morning for a UltraSound to be done on my legs to check for blood clots etc.. just in case...

    Thank You all who said a little pray for me...

    From what the lady said who was doing the Ultrasound...She said she didnt see any blood clots...Thank God!! The doctor will look at the results more I assume, but she said if there would have been a clot that stood out she would have kept me there until the doctor saw me.

    She said as far as the severe pain I have in my Knees...I would probably have to go ahead and have a MRI on my legs as well to be able to tell if there is something more there causing that pain.

    Just thought I would let you all know how it went.


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    I have arthritis in my knees and take Glucosamine and Chondroitin for it. My knees have not been this pain free in a long time.


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    Im not taking anything just for my knees..I am on pain meds for (allover) FM pain...

    Im not sure if it just coming from FMS or if I may have deveopled arthritis in my knees. My right knee is the just aches so bad plus is very tender to touch like many places. I can hardly stand to lay on my sides because of the pain in my knees plus the swelling is terriable.

    Thanks I will check into those Meds.
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    I use Glucosamine and Chondritin but also an enzyme product called Wobenzyme. I'm told that the Pro Health product Proenzyme P is the same and is cheaper. The enzymes have really worked well for me.

    Also if you can stand putting on a topical product, I have found the 024 to be helpful.

    I hope you find the cause. That kind of pain really draining. Good luck.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Kathy... I will check into those...Thanks so Much!!

    Nancy...Thanks...I had ask for prayer under the prayer request I hadnt done a separte post about my legs until coming back from the hosptial this morning...Thanks for so much for your concern & thoughts!!!

    I have been trying to figure out for years now, why I am swelling so bad to my legs and feet...and still no answers. I even had my heart checked several years ago. Now ontop of the severe fluid retention my kness hurt something terriable...only getting worse. Mine swell year round everyday and your right it dosent make walking much fun at all.

    You know when I got back from vacation I even noticed a small spider vein had appeared on the back of my leg...Never had a problem with this before either..but hope to get to the bottom of it soon. Im begining to wonder if the swelling is just another FM syptom.

    Im so glad you are enjoying the pictures..I will probably change it again here in a few...I want be online until later tomorrow. Hope your day has been a good one without much pain.

    Hugs to all
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    sorry i haven`t been around ,i`ve been sick my legs are still hurt and more problems have come my body is getting weak ,, 3-diffent parts of my body i have boils,the dr. gave me med wish i react to i have so much allery but i`m doing better ,,they have heal ,the dr. said it was my immune system cause by fibro. i`m so glad that you went to the dr. for your legs and that you don`t have any clogs.well remember you told me to ask my dr. to give me a ultra sound test well she said she going to send me with a pain mag.dr first i`ll be going mon.sept.12 so i`ll go and see what he says, did you have those feelings like i have? huh, when i walk i feel heavy and tightness and they feel cold,too and when i sit down and my legs just hang to the floor within the first 15 min they are getting real tight and heavy and cold and ankles get swollen, but they have done the test on me for clogs and circlation and found nothing so i don`t know i`m glad i can talk to you Bluerose keep me in touch,,,,,, hugs,gmom
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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Im so glad to hear from you!!! Im so so sorry your not feeling much better. You seem to really be having a tough time here lately...I will be praying for you!!!

    Those Boils are no fun...I have had several of them come up myself over the last year...I really think it shows something is not right in our blood and immune system. I'm glad they have now healed. A old remedy to help get rid of boils is lay a piece of Fatback meat on the boil...its suppose to work but I have never tired it myself, but my dad has because he gets those boils too...he says the fatback meat or bacon helps bring them down.

    Im glad you will be going to a pain mangement doctor/clinic, I hope he will be able to help...Please let me know how it goes ok!!

    As far as the feelings in my legs YES...I have the same feelings as you, they feel like im carring around a ton of bricks. My legs feel very tight and heavy especially the longer I sit and walk it gets worse...Sometimes my ankles will even turn red when there swollen really bad. They swell everyday...its a terriable feeling and know my kness hurt so bad. So I know where your coming from. Again im so sorry gmom your having so much going on right now...I hope you feel better soon.

    Please keep in touch and let me know how the pain mang. goes!!!

    ((((((((Hugs))))))) & Many Prayers coming your way!!


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    Bump for gmom to see my reply back...
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    Bluerose, I didn't know that you were having swelling. Must of missed that. I'm glad that the ultrasound came out negative. Hope the MRI doesn't show anything serious.

    My knees rarely bother me, so I guess I'm lucky. Yes, I wonder if the 024 would help you?

    My back is my main problem. Hope you will feel better. Let us know the results of the MRI.

  11. gmom605

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    hey,Bluerose yes,i`m feeling a little better ,the boil on my stomach has a little red but is getting better, i was so scared of this things i`ve never even seen one on anyone so when i got them didn`t what they were ,,well there gone ,,, and yes i`ll let you know what this dr. tells me ,, and i`ll keep this of the bacon for future never know when i`ll need it again,, but i read some where that if you drink tomatoe sauce it will help the immune system to stay heathly,,,yes! tomatoe sauce!! some old remedy i guess!! see you bluerose keep you my prayers also,, gmom

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Faye...Yes I have been having this swelling for years. Will keep you all updated when I have the hasent been scheduled as of yet...But hope to have it done soon to be sure there is not somthing more causing the swelling and knee pain. May be another month or even two before I can have the MRI...Have doctor bills running out my Yes I may have to give the 024 a try!!
    ((Hugs)) & Blessings

    gmom605...Im happy to hear your feeling better and thanks for the prayers...Keep us posted!!
    ((Hugs)) & Blessings