Back from Lobby Day... please see photos on profile

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pamj, May 17, 2007.

  1. pamj

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    We had a great time in Washington, DC, for Lobby Day. Ashley was so excited to meet everyone, and our meetings on Capitol Hill went extremely well!

    Just wanted to show you a couple of pics on my profile...

    take care,
  2. Marta608

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    Great photos, Pam! "You sure don't look sick"... lol

    Thank you all for all the work you're doing on our behalf. (I hope that helps make up for my forgetting earier...;>)

  3. pamj

    pamj New Member

    You're so funny :)

    I guess I'd rather have people say "you don't look sick" than "Gee, you look awful"... LOL

    take care,
  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Congratulations on your trip!! What an inspiration you are....


    Nancy B
  5. pamj

    pamj New Member

    thanks for your thoughtful comments :)

    I don't know if I'd be this motivated if it weren't for Ashley. She is so determined to make a difference, and it's amazing to see how much she has already accomplished in less than a year.

    To see her speak for us in Washington was an incredible experience, and she definitely got their attention. The people that we met with on Capitol Hill thanked Ashley for coming down and letting them realize how this illness not only affects those who have it, but also the entire family.

    She also really got their attention after she told the story of my illness, and then said "...most people with CFS are not able to be here in person because of their illness, and it can also be hard to talk about how sick you are without feeling like you're just complaining. I think it's easier for me to be here and tell you what I see. Since my first newspaper article, I've received a lot of emails from people who don't have family or friends who understand their illness, and who don't have doctors who are able to help them. Lots of people feel very scared and alone, and they don't know how to get help..."

    She also told them about the hundreds of messages she has received from all of you, and other people with CFS from around the world.

    Our newspaper editor asked Ashley to write an article about Lobby Day when we returned, so I'll be sure to post it here for you guys as soon as it's finished!

    thanks :)

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  6. mollystwin

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    Your neice Ashly is a very special person! You must be so proud! She is so right when she says it's difficult for us to talk about our illness without sounding like we are complaining. It's wonderful that she spoke on our behalf.

    I notice you are wearing your awareness shirts! I have two now that I bought on her site, one is a sweatshirt for winter and a tank for summer.

    Take care,
  7. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    and what a support your niece is for you, a very clever and caring girl.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You and Ashley are incredible!
  9. pamj

    pamj New Member

    mollystwin - that's so cool that you have the shirts! You'll have to send us a pic of you wearing one. We're also wearing the blue ribbon pins, we brought 100 with us to give to everyone participating. Ashley was so excited to see everyone wearing them :)

    Rosie & Rock - Thanks so much for your sweet messages!

    I know that there is a lot of controversy over whether the awareness is helping us or not. I just know that I have personally received support from anyone I've talked to, and I've been able to get a lot of people to know how this illness affects us & how disabling it can be. It's the best way I know to help myself, and it gives me positive energy.

    I hope you're all having a good day :)