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    Thanks to you all for your well wishes! Just wanted to let ya'll know what my new doc experience was like, what I learned, etc.

    Whew, what a day. It's been overcast and rainy and cool (according to my screwy thermometer) ... which has meant another achy tired day (tornados yesterday), on top of interrupted sleep last night due to my littlest one waking in the night (again) with a bad nosebleed. So, I was kinda fuzzy at his office ... did I mention the hour+ drive? I'm longwinded, so bear with me. ;-)

    A very nice nurse did the pre-interview and noted my meds. Dr. was courteous and businesslike ... maybe a little pressed for time. He seemed pleased by what I am doing so far ... including some things I started after attending his support group meetings.

    The only thing he altered was my sleep meds. He is a proponent of Ambien, but it's too pricy for me, even with insurance. So, he gave me Klonopin. He said the Temazepam I have been taking (that my old doc swore gave me stage 4 sleep) would only work for about a month. Well, that might help explain why I've just been feeling worse and worse. I did ask him about depression and he gave me samples of Lexapro ... but I don't think that's his SOP. I'm not sure if I'll take that or not. I'm thinking of waiting to see how the Klonopin goes. Plus, Lexapro is as expensive as Ambien. Go figure.

    He's keeping me on 1.5 grains Armour, 8 mgs Zanaflex, 1200 mgs Guaifenesin, 4000 mgs MSM (he's BIG into MSM), 900 mgs Neurontin (I think he said go up but he didn't RX anymore, guess I'll have to call about that), Vit. C, magnesium, calcium and my multi. I gave him a printout of Mark London's "Myths of Guai" paper.

    He ordered bloodtests for DHEA, B12, and Free T3. He felt for tender points and asked about infections and looked at my toes (for candida??). He gave me some handouts about his theories, what he does for certain things, etc.

    Maybe I'm just really tired, but my feelings are mixed. It just seemed like I didn't get any *real* dialogue. It could also be that he didn't have my records ... I took them to him, so possibly we will get more in-depth next visit. I didn't get to ask him about mycoplasmas or hypercoagulation or perimenopause or candida or many of the other things I want to look into. I guess I just need to have patience and hopefully have my wits more about me next time.

    I know I am leaving a bunch out but I am just beat. Warmest regards to everyone,
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    It sounds as if all went well, and you covered quite a bit of ground. I have a good Dr. as well, and it's hard not to try to cure everything in 30-45 mins. Perhaps, if you need more time than what you had, when you schedule your next appointment, you could ask the receptionist about an extended appointment. I do this when I have more than I think we can cover in a reg. appt.

    Perhaps he did not want to introduce to much, too quickly, after the introduction of klonopin, and lexapro.

    I have been taking klonopin for over 6 months now, and am on my 3rd month of lexapro. The combination works very well for me. I do not have any grogginess, or weight gain.

    Perhaps, like you said, having a chance to go over your records, and you ready his treatment protocols, will be beneficial to the next appointment.

    Best wishes, and it's nice to hear of someone having a knowledgeable, believing doc, willing to treat.

    OH, Hayley, I just thought of something. The drug reps are keeping docs well stocked with Lexapro. I have gotten all three months of mine so far, in samples....sure does help. You may want to ask.[This Message was Edited on 05/16/2003]
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    Layinglow, I think you're right ... too much too quick is probably not a good idea. Patience is one thing I seem to have in short supply (just ask my kids) ... hmmm ... maybe the Klonopin will help that too. ;-0 I will ask about a longer appt next time. One good thing is that I can ask him questions for free at the support group meetings once a month.

    Today, after a pretty good night of sleep, I feel a lot better about it. I think he will be open to new ideas, especially since he has as much at stake as the rest of us.

    I went out today and got more MSM, magnesium, inositol and methylcobalimin (the little health food place was having a great sale!).

    So .... forward we go ... think positive ... every day above ground is a good day ... yadayada (heehee)