Back from my vacation in Jamaica

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  1. fibrohugslife

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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am back from my vacation in Jamaica, and wow, my body got so used to being at my second home which is my family in Jamaica. I just love it there so much.

    I will be posting some questions on here as I have time. I was able to see a doctor out of there and all. Some things she said were stupid and I don't think she has even practiced or interned in the US. You can't just walk up to any doctor and get treated. LOL. No insurance? They don't want you even if you have the cash to pay for the care.

    She didn't understand that and kept telling me and family that we were wrong and she was right. LOL we looked at her like she was stupid, and ignorant. If I could the care I needed where I am now do you think I would go alllll the way over there to see you? Naaaah I don't think sooo LOL!!!

    BUT some things she said were good and learned I need a crock pot to cook some of my food hehehe. Mind and body are very much connected.

    Anyway I came away with a sense with knowing that my ENTIRE family has my back and are assisting me with healing from my illness and I found a deeper connection with God through his beautiful nature of beaches, the green trees, and palm trees and vine plants, just beautiful. Loved the beaches nice and warm and got a lot of exercise in there.

    Anyway I am here and I missed home, but didn't want to leave Jamaica LOL. I will be back there sooner than I think.

    I learned that I am smarter than I think and that I can definitely beat this illness, but it will take more hardwork and dedication. Learning how to love myself and appreciate all that I am. Not in a vain way, but just overall loving me before I can love anyone else.

    Putting long term relationships on hold until I can get some proper care for myself and FIGHT THE SYSTEM. The US and pharmaceuticals, health insurance companies, and government screwed up the healthcare system. So I will be researching more on my rights and fighting them until I get what I NEED.

    I am waiting to hear about my SSI application results or what they need from me. I applied about a month ago, so I guess it takes awhile.

    Anyway my vacation was very life changing and came to understand the personality that I have and why I am the way which is genetics LOL.

  2. 69mach1

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    maybe they could've gotten rid of all the bad spirits and make you well again...

    my exhb knew of a woman there that practiced the voodoo religion...she said he was bad mojo...and had a like a dark aura...and he needed to pick whether he was going to be a a good or bad person..and he had special magic...

    anyways, i am glad you are back and got to enjoy some nice weather and hopefully you will be approved soon..

  3. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    LOL 69mach you're too funny! LOL

    Ahh they don't call them shayman over there, they have the obeah man or woman with the voodoo, spirit water, and herbs and stuff. Ummm no thanks....I have yet to hear that from my parents, cousins and all from their stories of others that have gone that it doesn't work LOL. But they have loads of funny stories about people they knew when they were growing up that went to those. A lot of those folks that went to him or her ended up crazier than before, soooo I think I will pass, thanks! LOL

    I was looking for an herbalist that specializes in herbs but they were away on vacation. I had no interest in seeing a doctor but was forced to go by all of my family out there.

    Anyway thanks, I hope things work out for me. I will fight the government to get everything that I need. Sue if I need to.

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  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Glad you had a great time. I've been to Jamaica 3 times and I love (most of) it. In fact, I remarried my husband on the beaches of Negril.

    I surprised you could not find a "herbalist" there. There were "herbalist" everywhere. They were in the airport, they chased our bus, they were all over the resort, and on and on. I actually met and had a long talk with a true Rastafarian (sp???). Very interesting. He had a lot of wisdom (really did) but he had his fair share of ganja(sp) in his life.

    It is a beautiful island. I miss going so much. It makes me sad that I can't do those things now. Maybe another year....

    I look forward to more details.

  5. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Hey there!

    I was looking for a certified herbalist hehehe. Now I know there were a few in my area but not certified or anything. You would have to kind of know them, and my family did not know them too well, and some of my family knew a few others but they had a bad CURRENT track record with 'tiefing=stealing, and doing all sorts of stuff LOL. My money is precious and I don't have a lot of it.

    Most of the ones I could see were completely on the other side of the island which is a 6 hour drive and well my body cannot handle that at all. I barely could handle the drive from Portland to Kingston which is a 2 hour or so to see that doctor.

    She did give me some great ideas, and best foods to eat which I have heard on here too. But some things she was telling me to do, well I felt like I would be a vegetable if I followed her advice.

    I am interested in Chinese Herbalists too but right now my pocketbook is getting quite empty. I scraped and saved to go to Jamaica to see family. Sooooo come on SSI, and approve me already.

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  6. 69mach1

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    i have seen her...she sells clothing to exoctic to speak...she threw the chicken see what my ex was all about...she would tell all the girls to stay away from him...he is bad why the couldn't she tell me that years ago..?

    true story...

  7. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    LOL there are A LOT of bays out there, and heheh I remember hearing the chicken bone thing. I do believe some have those special gifts but not all of them. But didn't need any of that stuff.

    I did want to see a psychic but I think that all the signs that God gave me already were good. He used my family a lot to help me out, and point out the good and bad of things. Plus examples from my own family's lives were the kicker that told me hmmm this or that person or situation is not good for me and to end things I have going on.

    Anyway I am not dating anyone right now and took myself off of the dating sites for now. When I want to go out on a few dates I will put my profile back. I want to stay social, but I want to be able to overall be able to talk about something else in my life besides my illness. Sometimes I talk about it waaaay too much. I need to basically get a life and start finding more hobbies to occupy myself, and help me heal too.
  8. 69mach1

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    the san jose area...she was really intense when i saw her at the bikini bar...ii knew all about the stories from my then hb....but when there was an closed party for employees there she came in...i saw her green eyes...and she was looking my way....

    iknew she was thinking something like, this lady,me, doesn't belong here and she is w/bad mojo...

    bad mojo...does have some special powers and he is i think she has been picking up on his bipolar...i have heard slyvia browne say things similar when people ar bipolar...their auroa is neutral..because they have that going on...

    i am listening to my ray charles...he is so good...

    maybe you may want to think about taking a class next sememster to get a different life so to could be something for p.e. for the counsleor mentioned it to me and how she really likes it...

    but i just can't see right now getting myself mentally going at 9 am...

  9. Lolalee

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    Nicole, it sounds like you had a life-changing vacation. How awesome!! I know it must feel good to be home,but you must miss those beaches, girl. I am a Caribbean woman myself and there is nothing like that aqua water, those palm trees and the breeze.

    But, it sounds like you had more than just a good vacation. It sounds like you connected with your family and were able to do some inner-healing work and get closer to God. I'm happy for you.

    It's good to have you back with us.


  10. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Oooh I thought you meant in Jamaica LOL Well none of that stuff for right now, as I got enough of what I needed for my life right now.

    Anyway as for school, my classes are all online, so no getting up early and I have my freedom with school which is what I love.
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    have you picked a major or vocation yet?

    yes so many bays out there...but we don't need the voo doo woman...


  12. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Welcome back. I didn't even know you were going on vacation. Sounds like you had a good and interesting time. Glad that you are back!!!!!!!!

  13. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

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