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    fist i need to vent of how long it took i was just about in tears then im trying to hurry up and she asks me if i have anxiety or if i am agoraphobic , my husband god love him looks at her and said no she in pain. anyway she said she is going to run some more tests but she thinks everything is ok.she said older people get sinnus arythmias i said good now my heart matches how my body feel like im 90year old (really im only 37) charlene
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    and I am glad your husband was with you. It probably meant a lot more coming from him!

    Did the doctor really say older people? Last time I looked 37 isn't old! LOL I know, I feel 90 too.

    Good luck,
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    my heart is doing flip flops skipping beats pounding racing . i told her it was from the cmp she seemed like she beleived me. she also told me if she gave me meds it would only take care of half of the problem.i often think going to the dr is a waste of time and money. charlene
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    I have been diagnosed with tachycardia. I was never given any reasons for it or what I should do about it.

    I use Klonopin, so that may help it.

    I hope you find a good solution and please take it very easy if there is any sign of a racing heart.

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