Back Injections causes outbreak of Menengitis

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    This article I just read scared me to death.

    How many of you on this sight have had steroid injections for back pain lately? I know in the past I have had more than I care to count.
    The article I have attached is in reference to an outbreak in about 23 states of fungal meningitis caused by a tainted batch of steroids made by a company in Massachusetts and shipped to multiple states around the country. Already five people have died from the injections.

    This story hits too close to home for me since my fourteen year old son was given an injection into a bachlophen pump that went to his spine that caused bacterial meningitis and eventually took his life. It was absolutely the injection that caused the meningitis. His was a harrowing end that I wish upon no other person anywhere.

    If you have steroid injections in your back PLEASE check with you Dr. or clinic soon, at the very least read the attached article. It could save your life.


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