Back, neck and occipital pain, worse than ever...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunnysideliving, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member

    Recently this neck pain is really bad. Today it is just close to unbearable. I have no idea what could help it.My whole head in pain because of this neck stiffness and pain.
    Today morning I woke up with it and during the day it became worse and worse. It does not matter what I try to do with it.

    Do you also have this bad neck and spine pain? Is there something you get relief from?
    I can not get why it is always worse at weekend... I will try to figure out after I will have some clearer moment.

    Hope you have better week-end!
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Why does it get worst on the weekends? Are you more stress at this time?

    It sure sounds like pain from stress, which is our worst enemy, as we tighten up our muscles when we are aggitated about something!

    Have you tried the rice socks? If not, fill a mans tube sock three quarters full of raw rice, tie the end.

    You can put them in the microwave if you want them heated, or in the freezer if you want cold compresses. It works great for my neck pain.

    Also you could try an OTC Advil Gel Capsules. They are pretty good for pain.

    Sure hope you are feeling better soon, and also figure out what causes you more pain on the weekends.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    I'm in the same boat as you. Most of it (for me) can be dealt with but the occipital neuralgia is driving me insane. The pain is excruciating and there is nothing that I have found that can provide relief. I had occipital nerve block (without any sedation) in the dr's office about a week ago and had high hopes, but today I feel as if I have ice picks sticking in my head from the neck to my eye. Sorry, I have to get off the computer right now. Hoping the best for you and I'm sorry you're suffering with this. I definitely feel your pain. All the best.
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Geez!sorry to say I'm glad I'm not the only one with this!!! Its been 4 days so far of "I can barely move my head from side to side".......I don't know what brought it on but this is something!!I can tell its stemming from my neck,but my whole upper back and right shoulder hurts like the dickens!(I sound like my grandma now!!lol)
    If I try to look down by bending my neck forward(chin to chest)....I have a nasty pulling,knawing pain all across the neck,back and into my shoulder!! At first I thought I may have slept wrong,but its not getting any better yet??? Is yours the same?? I bought some ben-gay rub and honestly....took 1 and a half muscle relaxers and a darvecet and got some relief for a few hours!!But its back!!......I think I'll soak in my epsom salt bath soon~That always feels good!!Nice&hot! Try it~ I hope you get some relief too....your not alone~
  5. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member


    Shirl thanx for the answer and idea about the rice sock. Actually, I already read it from you, but it seems that the time when I need it I just can not remember. Hello fibrofog. :( I will make it ready and put it a place I can find it.

    As my last attempt I took some painkiller and put some hot wrapping on my neck. Although, today morning I stil have pain, but it is not so severe as was yesterday night.
    I am trying to work out why it is worse at the weekend. No, actually I have no stress at all during the weekend. Since, I can not do too much, usually I rest or sometimes go for fishing. It is pretty simple life, eh. :)

    I hope today this pain will not become stronger and tomorrow is Monday. :) Wow, I never thought I will say it. Monday is work day... No, I am just joking. I am might wrong with this weekend pain. I will watch closely if I have this damn pain again.

    Every1, I am sorry to hear that you also fight with occipitus pain. I thought it is not so common with this DD. Try the warm wrapping (rice-sock, hot towel, etc) which I believe helps.
    How about this electric pad? Did you try it for neck or upper back pain?

    Thank you all, again!
  6. MemoryLane

    MemoryLane Member

    Could it be caffeine withdrawal on the weekend? My husband used to go through that. He drank diet coke all week at work and I don't buy it for home, so he went through withdrawals every weekend. You may want to try some plain pink Benadryl and some extra strength Excedrin if you have any, or Anacin.

    Just a thought,

  7. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member

    Hello MemoryLane,

    It was a great tip. However, it is definitely not withdrawal. I think I drink more coffee at the weekend than week-days.
    Unfortunately, without coffee I am just a zombie... Even with some coffee I do not function correctly. :)
    However, the idea is great and I will give it a try at the next weekend. I will reduce caffeine and hope for the best.

    Thanks for the recommendation of drugs. All of them are unknown for me, but probably just because I might live at the other side of the universe. :) I will look similar brand here.

    Most of the time pain killers help me with headache (not with fog). But this occipitus and back pain are just too resistant.
    Take care,

    PS: Unfortunately, from the morning it has been becoming worse, too. I just hope it wont be unbearable before I go to sleep.
  8. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    a x-ray of your neck it could be a disc problem I suffer the same till I had a MRI last year and I have herniated disc. No fun but you need to find the culprit. Please don;t put this off as fibro I did for years and suffered. They cannot operate on mine it's too dangerous it's up by the brain stem. No much to do about it except pain meds and ice and heat and becareful what you do. Good luck Ellie
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  9. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member

    I am also on the side to get a new MRI. I already had two, but only one addressed the area of neck and head.
    Only some months ago I had CT, but as far as I know it does not help to recognize hard parts (like bones).
    I try to push my doctor, but they are usually not so keen on this. (Eventhough I pay it.)

    I was wondering how difficult to recognize a Chiari Malformation Syndrome or Cervical Spinal Stenosis from MRI. Is it possible that a doctor miss them? I am not saying I have any of them, but it would be good to exculde them. :)

  10. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    Is your neck problem any better?

    I am having a similar experience. Woke up one morning with intense pain, yada yada yada, it's now more than 5 wks later and the pain is still a problem, minus a brief remission after a vitamin shot, which, unfortunately I can't repeat.

    If you are still having neck prob's, perhaps we can compare notes.

    Jen F.
  11. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I have trigger points all over my back according to my PT. My neck is always difficult to turn or bend. One thing I do daily is several stretches I have learned from PT.

    One is to slowly turn my head to each side and hold for a few seconds before going back to the other side. Another is to bend my neck like I am trying to touch my shoulder. Finally I bend it forward and hold it.

    I find it is especially helpful to press on the trigger point while I am stretching. This can help work it out. They are easy to find because they are the places where you have knots in your muscles.

    I also have used rice socks, a heating pad, and ThermaCare heat wraps. The heat wraps are espcially helpful when I am traveling for a long period or must sit in meetings all day.


  12. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    work on me at my request.

    It is helpful.

    I wish massage wasn't so expensive. I think a good RMT would be helpful to me, in addition to my other treatments.

    Amazing how so much pain can come from so many places on a muscular area not much bigger than my hand....

    My scapular area and trap's are so full of tight trigger points.
  13. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    Get It!! I read the post about it and ordered it this week. I woke up this morning with a SCREAMING occipital headache!! I've done everything including injections in the occipital nerve and all the drugs and there was no help for me except to ride it out! Thank the Good Lord, the workbook came in the mail today and my hubby immediately read about occipital pain and did the recommended work, and BOOM, my headache is GONE! It's a total miracle. I want everyone to know there is help for this horrid pain. Please get the workbook. I ordered it from Amazon. I think it's about 17.00 and more than worth the $$$. I'm hoping you get relief soon! I truly do feel your pain. Hugs to you, Sunny.
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  14. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Which book is best to order??the trigger point workbook....or the Myofasial pain one?? I saw both together at amazon for about$27.Is one better than the other??hurry....I wanna get mine!!Can't count on drs anymore they don't know anymore than I do on this subject~(at least not any drs around here!!)Thanks!!!
  15. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    IMHO, I recommend the Trigger Point Workbook. I don't have the other one so I can't honestly compare; but from looking at the Trigger Point Workbook and the results I had this morning, I HIGHLY recommend it!! I honestly believe losing my horrible occipital headache that I've never had any relief for is a not so small miracle. Maybe someone who has both has more to offer. It's your choice. Good luck.
  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm about to order at least the one trigger workbook,possibly both~ After reading the consumers ratings...they are both suppose to be good~and when you order 2 ya get free shipping&handling!!lol....what a tightwad huh! hey at the going rate S&H costs are $5-6.
    Take care:)
  17. mrskbarnett

    mrskbarnett New Member

    They have those heat packs at the stores that you simply heat in the microwave or you can freeze them and they go across the back of your neck and they work wonderfully. Hope this helps.
  18. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the great ideas of books, heat packs and exercises.
    I do not have the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, but I also heard it good.
    However, I have Devin's FMS and CMP book, which also addresses this topic. I do not think that Devin's book similar to TrP Therapy Workbook. The FMS and CMP book helps to identify pain patterns and find the exact place of TrP. Of course, sometimes it recommends techniques as Tennis Ball Acupressure for easying the TrP pain.
    My occipitus pain is back. It is morning, but my neck is already very stiff. (I had normal amount of coffee, so it could be ruled out.) However, there is a big change from yesterday. It was 20 and sunny. Today, it is 8 and rainy, foggy (not just in my head :).
    I know it sounds ridiculous, but now I suspect weather (or something connected to it) to worse my neck pain. Yeah, I was always laughing when in my family they mentioned that the weather change cause this and that. I think I was mean. :(
    In two weeks, I leave for vacation. It is supposed to be a hot place, so I might learn a bit more there. :)

    I am surprised that how many of us think TrP is the main factor of these DDs.

    BTW, I got DIAGNOSED! :) After 2,5 years of pain I found a doctor who not only heard about FMS and CMP, but also knows the difference. By intense, I did not mentioned any of my suspicion, but listed my symptoms and showed my tests results. Reaching the end and doing some muscle examination, he asked if I have ever heard about CFS (CMP). I was suprised and happy. Due to the holiday season, I will start therapy from August.

    Take care you all,

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  19. catgal

    catgal New Member

    I've suffered with this for years, had an MRI and discovered I had advanced degenerative disc disease in neck an down spine. Around the neck/shoulder area, I also had rheumatoid arthritis and cluster nerve damage.

    I was given 20mgs oxycontin 3x's a day; 10/325mgs percocet 3x's a day, soma 3x's a day, 20 mgs bextra (for inflammation) once a day, and 1mg klonopin at night and also told to break off pieces of klonopin during the day to keep neck & back from knotting up/spasming so much.

    The oxycontin & percocet helped everything but my neck/shoulder/head pain. The soma and klonopin helped, but I had to take more on the weekends because the pain & stiffness was worse during those times. Also, I found using Tiger Balm, hot & cold packs, and ThermaCare heat patches and rest to work the best. I got one of those neck pillow collars to kick back and watch tv when I rested, and it supports and props you neck up and relieves muscle & joint strain in that area, and its help alot. Several times a day I lean my head forward with chin touching my chest and leave it in that position for several minutes--and after a while it feels like joints are popping back into alignment once they are relaxed.

    I live in the Mountains, and the weather is constantly changing at a moment's notice, and it definitely affects my neck, back, and arthritis joints. My neck area will swell up, turn red/hot/and inflamed, become so painful that I can't stand for even my nightgown to touch it. Even my eyes will get blurry. But taking a hot bath with essential oils & epsom salts or sea salt, then massaging in the Tiger Balm, laying down with the neck pillow, and alternating cold and hot packs will soothe the pain and loosen the knots. Getting a good massage on a regular basis from a knowledgeable massage therapist also helps tremendously to loosen the knots/trigger points and relax the joints & muscles reducing the stress, tightness, and tension in my neck/shoulder/head area.

    I think it hurts most in the evenings and on weekends because the knots have built up during the week, (especially if you work), and when I have time to "come down and unwind from the day or week", the adrenalin (or something) subsides that is there helping to push and get things done during day/week--and then all the wear & tear on my neck and body comes through. It is like at work I am extremely busy doing sessions, going to meetings, and pushing myself to get everything done, and there is some kind of chemical reaction during that time that helps me to keep pushing myself to complete the work week. Then, when I come home and can just let go.....the chemical that enables me to keep going at such a demanding pace subsides, and all the stress & strain that I have put on my body during that week comes to the forefront, and manifests itself, and I am bedridden for several days and taking care of all the damage I've done to my body.

    I am 54 and my sole financial support, and physically, mentally, and emotionally I KNOW I have to work to support myself, live, and survive. My mind and body is conditioned to this fact, and when the workday arrives, I can feel the adrenalin (or something) kick in because it has to in order for me to function. And then when I'm off work and the chemical subsides--I go limp in pain & exhaustion like a rag doll.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense for it's difficult to describe--but it is a pattern I've seen in myself for decades, and the only explanation I can come up with why everything hurts more in the evenings and on weekends.

    I hurt at work, but the oxycontin and percocet help to relieve the pain, and the adrenalin (or whatever) keeps me going until I can stop. And when I stop--all hell breaks loose in my body.

    My physician and the specialists tell me it is imperative that I stop working because of the damage it is doing to my body, and they tell me the collasping I do in the evenings and on weekends is my body talking to me--showing me what I am doing to it. But, I don't know how I would live if I quit my job and while waiting perhaps years to see if I got approved for disability or not plus how would I pay for my doctors appointments, specialists, and $600 a month in meds.

    But, anyway, these are my thoughts and experiences on why my neck/shoulder/head area and body hurt more on weekends.

    I wish you all Good Days in this coming week, and all of us some solution to crashing on the weekends instead of being out enjoying life. Best Wishes and Blessings to All, Carol...

  20. jillsy1

    jillsy1 New Member

    HI Sunny,

    sorry to hear that you are experienceing that horrid pain.
    The things that worked for me were finding a physiotherapist who specializes in myofascial release and buying a Tempur foam formed pillow. Since useing the pillow my head and neck pain has decreased dramatically. Needless to say, it goes with me everywhere. They also have mattresses for which I am now saving my money as they are expensive. this material was developed by NASA for the astranauts to be used during space flights. I can't say enough about it.

    Hope this helps.