Back on Anti-Depressants? Lexapro vs. Cymbalta

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    hi all,

    i saw my principal care yeasterday. anyone in florida got this upper respiratory throat thing going around? ugh! got some antibiotics at least, now just have to stem the tide of the thrush that's sure to follow ...hapy, happy, joy, joy. but the real point of my post,

    i got a tough love talk from my pcp who made a pretty compelling case for getting back on anti-depressants. i've been off since feb. of last year at which time my health was peaking (i took a two week trip to puerto rico, i was sleeping well, no anxiety, less pain). lexapro was the only med i was taking at the time. the rest of my treatment plan was all bodywork (chiro and acupuncture). i thought i didn't need the lexapro anymore so i went off it and actually continued to feel ok for a couple months except for the return of sleep problems.

    cut to september and a long tumble downhill. i recently went back to chiro and acupuncture to try to replicate my earlier remission and it's not working. after tests, the heaviness in my chest i've been experiencing since september is not heart-related and it responds to klonopin (hmm, anxiety?). i also have an overwhelming genetic disposition to depression and anxiety in my family. after i told all of this to the doc he very frankly told me about his own history of depression and anxiety/panic disorder and asked me to help him do his job by listening to him and at least trying to get back on lexapro. it's sort of hard to argue with all the anectdotal evidence, yes?

    i'd like hear from anyone who has used both lexapro and cymbalta and how they compare. i'm familiar with lexapro and leaning in that direction, but if cymbalta works pretty much the same with more pain relief, i might consider trying something new. i know lots of people have horror stories about anti-depressants, but honestly, no anti-depressant is fun in the beginning. the first couple weeks i took lexapro i was climbing the walls, but the harsher side effects disappeared and it became a transparent thing to me which helped a lot. so anyone with an opinion on lexapro vs. cymbalta who has taken them longer than one month, please reply.

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    i take the shake, though not everyday as i should. i do believe it helps with sleep and mood, but not with the chronic tension and anxiety. my nervous system just seems revved up 24-7. the doc's recommending the lexapro more for anxiety/panic symptoms than depression. the mood lift and better sleep are an added bonus. i do appreciate that you consistently remind everyone of the benefits of the shake. i believe the less medicine we put in our bodies, the better off we'll be long-term, but unfortunately i've tried really hard to pursue an organic approach to managing my relapse and nothing's working.

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    Hi Eddie,
    I have been on the Lexapro for almost 2 yrs. It has deffinetly helped with anziety and panic. Now taking 40 mg a day. Started at 10 mg. At one point doc put me on the cymbalta (stopping lexapro)mainly for the pain reducing benefits in the "long run". However, it only took a few days to know the cymbalta was not for me. Headaches started, I am not one who suffers w/headaches. But worse was the bad mood and mean attitude. Horrible things came out of my mouth directed at my loved ones, family. I was on it about 3 months per the doc, but then I HAD to demand we stop it. Back on the lexapro, all is well with my fear and anxiety, I don't belive it has any effect regarding pain. Yes, what is the shake?
    Regards, Lori
    PS.. Afterthought... just how well does going to the chiropractor work for you or others. My doc says it's "bunk". But if I can get relief, get it where I can get it. Right?
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    i'll soon be cutting back to maintenance visits with my chiro. the effectiveness of chiro visits depends on your individual situation and also whether or not the chiro offers physiotherapy to help retrain your muscles. my si joint at the base of my spine is always slipping out of place which causes uneven distribtuion of weight and leads to trigger point pain. but it's not necessary to see a chiro every week to make sure this stays in place. i've learned this is just a blip on the pain radar and i don't believe adjustments "help the rest of the body heal" as many chiros claim.

    i'm back on the lexapro but i can't get past 2.5 mg without causing tightness in my chest and shortness of breath. it's strange because i've taken the lexapro before and i wasn't sensitive to it. the terrain of my body has changed and it seems the lex aggravates these symptoms. have to talk to the doc about this at my next visit.

    be well,

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