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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Hi, TF friends.
    I have not written in a long while but still here. I have taken my TF's here and there if I remember...and lately it seems paying the price for lack of dilegence. I ordered some new product/TFs'...and in the fridge it went. I am back to taking three kinds a.m. and p.m. The last few weeks were rough with that nasty sore lung problem which makes me feel so slow/fluish. That is a problem that rears its ugly head with me in the years with cfs/mycoplasma positive problems. I do anti-biotics here and there...but can't stand the side effects. Has anybody ever used the the mycoplasmas TF...?? Any success for those of you that know you are positive for it???? Wondering and hoping to hear from someone on that before Iinvest in it. Currently I find that the fastest relief thru research also is taking oregano oil !!! Yes, is awesome for infections...but find taking enzymes with that cuts the burping/pizza taste!! Besides that remedy yes, I am also taking other goodies like olive leaf, ech., garlic, etc....and yes, the soreness creeps its way back bringing with it the sick feeling!!! Ultimately, that best thing yet I've ever tried for the cfs the hydrogen peroxide/dmso IV's...yes, they are big in the southwest. Big for cancer and cfs/diseases of sorts. Ok...that is enough to think about and hope I hear from you all. With all of this my husband and I have a get away vacation planned for 5 days!...I have to feel better fast w/getting over this lung thing! Any ideas gang?
    Sincerely, Blazer
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    Good to hear from you. Did you know about Rich Carson who started ProHealth is back a work as CEO after being disabled for 17 years?

    One of the things he dealt with was mycoplasms and evidently with Mycoplus. They sell it here at this site but it isn't mentions anywhere. If you call the 800# you can order it.

    I have been taking it since Sat. and, boy, it has knocked me for a loop. I am not taking it today (Wed) cause I need to get somethings done but the "dieoff" seems to be carrying on.

    I have read in a couple of places that having a RX painkiller onhand might be a good idea. I have ultram. I take 1/2 tab with 1/2 tylenol and that helps alot with the discomfort.

    For me, this is really good stuff. I want those mycos DEAD!