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    my doc took the wrong week to take a vacation!
    well the past 4 days have been hell. after experiencing too much too soon, then i quit cold turkey friday. by sunday i was in w/drawal. restless leg syndrome (body syndrome) which i never experienced before, headache, sweats, etc. doc called yesterday so we are starting again ..slowly. so instead of 30 mgs, i am taking 5mg every 8 hrs. the w/drawal symptoms are going away thank God. still taking lorcets but not alot. the methadone was working so well, i mentioned all the gardening i did, etc. so by saturday i couldn't move. what a catch 22.

    interesting. the first thing the doc on call said to me when he saw me was "do you have a blown disc"? how weird. i have severe low back pain from a couple of accidents. wonder if this is a common thread in some of his fm pts. was in no shape to ask but thought this was odd that he mentioned it. i'd never seen him before. also, might have mentioned he doesn't see his fm pts. benefit from opoids. and suggested that i take 2 trazadone instead of 1 and knock off the ambien at night. my doc's wife said, what? trazadone is addicting. so prime example of everyone has an opinion of what is best for their pts.

    we know what's best for our own bodies. don't want a doc stuck in some rut of generalizing what doesn't work for a few won't work for any. glad i have the one i have. he just thought i could tolerate more than i did. we did gradually increase..but s&^%T happens. LOL.

    so on the road again...
    good day to all....