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    i had a discsectomy in 2001 (3.12.01) and i am still in pain ,anyone similar.dave
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    I had a lumbar fusion (L-3 to S-1), disectomy, and laminectomy (bone harvested from left hip) in Sept. 2002, plus I have FM and CFS along with the spinal pain caused mainly from degenerative disc disease. I am in constant pain and have been on all types of pain meds. I am allergic to codeine, morphine, aspirin, and all non steroidal anti inflammatories. It really sucks because it leaves me with only a limited number of meds that I can take and my doctors are frustrated with me and I think have come to the conclusion that the pain is all in my head. I wish they could live a day in my shoes! The surgeon that operated on my spine said that the operation can take up to 2 years before the pain subsides. Had I known that, I think I would have opted for going without the surgery. Before the surgery, he had assured me that it would take 6 to 8 weeks and I would start feeling immense relief. Right! Now the story changes... My regular physician sent me to a pain specialist, an ex-Army officer (also my ex-career), who only wanted to put me on lose doses of Methadone. I can't take Methadone! I hallucinated and wanted to fight all of the time. My mood swings were unstoppable and my husband almost left me and the kids. The worst part was that the pain was still there and I couldn't even remember the fights and what caused them or what was said! I requested to stop seeing him, and my surgeon agreed. The only med that the surgeon can prescribe is Darvocet. I have taken that for the past 13 years off and on and it doesn't have any effect anymore. He cannot understand that. My regular physician is able to prescribe stronger meds, but only gave me Demerol tabs a month after surgery, which did help more than anything else in tablet form, and now won't prescribe it anymore because he says that he's afraid that I may become dependent on it. I'll tell you, the pain that I am in on a constant basis, I don't care if I am dependent on something or not, as long as I can get through the day and be a normally functioning woman, wife, and mother! I know that when the pain is incredible or when I suffer from severe migraines (oh, those are such, they give me and injection called Nubaine. That is amazing! It doesn't make me sick to my stomach or throw up and it doesn't knock me out. It burns like Hell, but it works. Of course, one of the only things that works totally for me and it doesn't come in a formula that I can be prescribed to take at home to regulate my own pain... Oh me, oh my! Let me know how you are doing and if you have found any relief. If I find a
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    I had lower back surgery in July of 2000.It helped for the first year or so ultil I started overdoing it with the work.I had a lamonectomy. In Oct 2001 I had neck surgery then I had fusion with hip bone taken from my side.It has helped. My surgeon Can write scripts for stronger things than darvecet. He sees me 3 or 4 times post op and then it is up to my GP to give me pain meds. I cannot take codiene so that limits my meds a lot. I have had FMS for 25 years and my GP is finally saying he thinks I should qualify for stronger med. I am taking demoral now along with ultram and zanaflex and neurontin. It makes the pain barable.

    I hope you find a Dr. that will help you with the pon. I undestand how you feel.
    Wishing you pain free days Louisia