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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aberlaine, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Aberlaine

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    I've had lower back pain for several years now. I've always assumed that it was because of herniated disks. Lately I've started thinking it is more due to the two fibromyalgia tender points just above my derriere. I've also started using a tennis ball on the trigger points in my lower back. So, maybe I don't have disk problems.

    Do many of you have lower back pain due to CMP? If so, what do you do to relieve the pain?

  2. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I had a ruptured disk (L4-5) and went under the knife, first in '01 and again in '02.

    I have rods and screw at that site and had problems with the bone not fusing. The second operation was to remove the rest of the disk (???), do another bone graft, and implant a bone stimulator.

    After six months or so with the implanted stimulator (I used an external one the year before, didn't help) I elected to have it removed b/c the vertebrae *still* weren't fusing and the implanted stimulator was causing me all kinds of pains and spasms.

    My thoughts on it all now? My pain has greatly intensified since the surgeries; I'm also wondering if the pain I was feeling pre-operatively had more to do with FM/CMP than a herniated disk.

    ~~ OR, did the surgeries put me into an enormous flare? Or cause nerve damage? The last surgery was over 8 hours long; I have lots of nerve pain that I didn't have before.

    It's a really hard call. I was pretty desperate before the surgery with the pain, and I really trusted the doctor who recommened I go under the knife. I saw my MRI, and even to an untrained eye it was obvious that the disk had completely ruptured.

    Another thing about my case, I wasn't officially Dx'd with FM, etc until *after* the surgeries. I was pretty sure I had it all from my own research, but I didn't get the "word" from my PCP until sometime after the 2nd operation. Having that knowledge going into the OR may have made a difference ~ my surgeon actually believes in these DDs.

    That's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

  3. mje

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    My back problem came about very suddenly. Awoke one morning with a back so stiff, "like a board" Had to go to work..did not know how I would get panty hose on. Went to chiro..not much help. After diagnosed with FMS and starting on flexeril I did get some relief. Then over 3 years ago I was lucky enough to get to a good massage therapist, She released some of those tight muscles and things are a lot better. My back is still weak, (can't bend over too long..too much pain) but I can tolerate
    things a lot better. Think it would be hard to do good back
    massages on yourself...but therapuetic massage could help
    to get things started in the right direction. Lots of good luck to you. Keep us posted! MJE
  4. sfd647

    sfd647 New Member

    Hi Nancy, I read all the wonderful replies to your question. One normally thinks that when you have back pain it means that you probably have a disk problem somewhere. Must be!! The pain is too great to be anything else, right? WRONG!! (smile)

    My ex husband had a time when he had to go in for back surgery for a ruptured disc. He had a great surgeon and came through it just fine. Our neighbor had two areas in his spine they thought might need fusing together. We gave him our surgeon and he went. Surgery went fine. Only needed the one disc taken care of. After the surgery, he said that the first thing he noticed was NO PAIN. That was great. He was a very big man and drove cars back and forth across the country. My ex seemed to get along great after his surgery too. However, one day he started walking around the house like he did when he had the ruptured disk. I KNEW THAT WALK! Well, I didn't know the problem. I started to pray when I went to bed and stopped right in the middle of my prayer because I started to address it as a ruptured disc again. When I stopped I thought, what do I know anyway. I resolved that I knew nothing. (smile) God did. Well, he went to the doctor and come to find out, he had been doing a certain job that strained some of those muscles in the back and he was having back spasms. Doctor treated it with muscle relaxors and in time, it was gone.

    Now, I have said all this for this reason. He did have a disc problem once. Then the second time, it was muscle spasm. I, too, have severe back pain. I have had it for many years now. When I would go to the chiropractor, there were areas that you could not touch without feeling like you wanted to walk the ceiling. VERY VERY tender. Well, years later I went into Canada because I had heard of laser therapy. Using that kind of method would release certain endorphins that would produce a healing or pain relief. After a few treatment, the chiropractor even noticed that I was doing fine. I noticed I was doing fine. Well I couldn't keep up the cost of the treatments so I had to stop. Then about 4 yrs after that, I was given a birthday gift to go to a massage therapist. Yeah, it hurt like the dickens but the massage was great and I went once more and I would notice that certain things weren't as tender. Again, I couldn't afford to keep going.

    Now I have learned about FM. I was diagnosed with it. I have two other family members who were diagnosed with it as well. My brother had back trouble most of all his life. NOW, I hear of CMP. I have seen the illustrations of trigger points and tender points. I thought most of my pain was from the tender points. However, after seeing the diagram for Trigger Points in CMP, I am inclined to think that my back pain is coming from that. The trigger points are right where the pain is most severe and in other areas as well. I thought at first that the tender points were the same as trigger points until I read about FM. Wow, knowledge is great, isn't it?! (smile)

    So because my muscle relaxors don't really handle the situation much anymore, I am going to try the dopamine remedies like Requip or Mirapex. I really think that when I convert over to those, the pain is going to be more taken care of then being on pain killers of which are not helping out either and the muscle relaxors. That would be great. So that is my course of action next. I see my doctor on Tues this coming week and we will see what he has to say about it.

    Also, Haleycole and Nanjee are very good at what they have to say. Nanjee is really on top of the CMP issue and I would do what Haleycole suggested to do in regards to Nanjee. Go to her (Nanjee) site dealing with CMP. She has great information. She has helped me as well. The book that Haley spoke about, that is a good one too. WE all are a great source of knowledge on here because of our experiences and what we have read up on. I have found out info that is needed for other friends of mine and not necessariy for me. Isn't it great?!

    God Bless
  5. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    yes i have sever chronic back pain, sometimes all the muscles feel sick, i use moist heat and ice.
    best of luck roll
  6. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    For years I kept complaining of horrible back pain to several doctors. Finally I found out it was part of FMS.
    I get Novacaine injections in my back once each month.
    That helps alot. Also the Alpha Spa, which is dry heat.

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