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  1. fisher1949

    fisher1949 New Member

    I get this about once a month, my back hurts excuriating, my stomach hurts (like a gall bladder attack-except I have had mine out for 25 years), I am so cold I start to shiver and get uncontrollable shaking.

    Had this Saturday-100 degrees out and my husband had to put four blankets and an electric blanket on me. I lay for about 6 hours. After I threw up after about 3-4 hours 3-4 times I started to feel better.

    I am so cold I don't want to get up to pee, I am shaking that hard, it is uncontrollable.

    Anyone else get like this or have a suggestion what is wrong? Didn't get this way before I had fibro plus some other problems.
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  2. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I have not thrown up like you describe but I have been so cold for no reason I have been shaking like I am freezing and been under 3 or 4 blankets. I know it is me and not the house because no one else is cold. I got an electric blanket because I figured I could crank it up to 10 and not have to have all those blankets, which don't work anyway.

    Yesterday morning I had it up to 10 before I went to shower. I think it is an issue with your body being able to control your temperature. I am sure you could find a lot on it if you do a search.
  3. greatgran

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    This happens to me often, just out of the blue. I seldom throw up but get nauseated.

    I had a spell today it is 99 degrees outside, 77 in the house I got so cold and shaky, back, legs, hurt plus pains come and go in other parts of my body. I am also so tired. Sometimes I have a headache with this.

    I don't have a clue what it is, I thought it might be some type of allergy or something terrible happening to me. I feel so bad I want to cry, partly from being scared as to what it could be, guess this is my horrible anxiety kicking in.

    Mine last from a few hours to a day or two, the chills and shakes happens ofter at night after I am in bed. Go to bed so cold then wake up sweating.

    I haven't mentioned this to my doctor, think I am afraid to. He probably would ignore it like most of my symptoms.

    Have no answers but can relate.

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  4. findmind

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    Oh, yes, I have had that! It is just terrible. Comes on suddenly and I can't even talk right, my brain does not work.

    Get under 3-4 blankets and shiver and shake for hours, then it's gone and I feel much better suddenly.

    Our hypothalamus does not work right! it is supposed to regulate our body temperatures, but it goes out of whack for some reason; I think viruses.

    It does feel like I might die, but I come out of it, and thank goodness, the spells are few and far between. i have no idea what a dr. would even do for it after the fact, especially.

    You are not alone.

  5. rfoster254

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    My husband has been going through this for 7 days now. The Dr said it was his Lipitor. He seems to have all these symptoms, plus dry heaves, headaches, and a rash all over.

    It's like watching someone on TV going through detox. The Dr says it will take a few days to get out of his system. In the meantime he took four hot showers today and went outside a stayed in 99 degree weather sitting on the porch trying to get his skin to warm up. He sweats like crazy but is freezing to the touch.

    Are any of you on new meds, or meds perhaps that need to be changed?

    Good luck and God Bless
  6. nina_and_me

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    There have been times when I've felt so cold, that a space heater, an electric blanket, and putting the central heat on 90 barely helps. I remember one time when I got up to turn on the heat, and I was shaking so badly that my arms were jerking up and down - not like the shivering I experience, but jerking like moving 12" or more up and down.

    I don't usually have nausea, but occassionally, I do. The only time I ever threw up, was when I think I had a virus.

    During those times when I feel so cold, my teeth chatter, and my whole body shivers. A couple times when I got up to use the bathroom, I washed my hands, and looked in the mirror and saw that my lips were a bluish color. I looked at my fingernails, and even they were bluish.

    I sometimes run a fever of about 101 when this happens. Other times, it's normal or even low. I wake up after the cold feeling stops, and I'm usually drenched.

    I thought maybe I was going into perimenopause, but my doctor checked, and my bloodwork indicates that my hormone levels are normal, and there's no indication of impending menopause.

    None of this started until I had my second round of mono ten years ago.

  7. CKater

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    I have this all the time. And when I mention it to my doctor he just looks at me. I am usually chilled at least 2-4 times a week when everyone around me is just fine, and I am nauseated too. Thank heavens I don't throw up. Do you take you temperature at that time? I don't, but I guess I should as the doctor does ask me if I have a temp
  8. fisher1949

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    Don't take this wrong--but; I am glad I am not alone with this. I also think I am going to die when I have this so bad. My thyroid meds were changed but I was having this before that.

    I did mention to doc one time but they just gave me that stare.

    I feel so bad I don't think to take my temp when this is going on but my normal temp is always low like 97.6.

    i also have Barretts Esphogaus so the throwing up doesn't help with that. I take Prilosec every morning and it usually helps.

    If anyone finds any info please let me know-appreciate all the answers and hope everyone that also gets this feels better.

  9. fisher1949

    fisher1949 New Member

  10. findmind

    findmind New Member

    LOL, MedPageToday just had an article about how hypothermia saves people from neurological damage!

    HA! More like, neurological damage causes our hypothermia..or, hey, maybe it's actually saving our lives?


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