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  1. bewitched

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    hi everyone,

    having a crappy day.i have had severe back pain for about two weeks now somedays not as bad but today really bad scares me because it hurts sometimes to take big breaths. it seems to be middle of my back right around to the front middle of my chest.
    this is a new symptom for me always have lower back pain but not in the middle right where your bra goes. sometimes i get so scared that i just cry because nothing is helping. either that or i am just feeling sorry for myself but this illness sucks. i feel so alone sometimes because people do not understand what we really go through.
    well i just need to get this out and know i have people who are truely understanding my pain.
    thank you
    blessing bewitched
  2. mrsED

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    The pain you're having could be something other than FM. From the sound of your symptoms, it could be your gall bladder. I would definitely get it checked out.
    Hope you feel better soon

  3. AnneTheresa

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    I'm sorry to hear about your pain and concur with the others who suggest you seek medical attention. As a rule of thumb, I believe it's best to check out 'new' symptoms as they appear as they may or may not be related to FMS.

    If it turns out that it's not an acute problem, you may want to try wearing a back-brace. I got mine at a disABILITY store (where they sell wheelchairs, canes, etc.) Mine is a wide, multi-layered tension band with Velcro closures. I think it cost about $60.00 (Cdn) but with a note from my doctor, the cost was covered by insurance.

    When my (mid and/or low) back is particularly bad, I wear the brace around the house. It provides some relief and also limits my ability to bend etc. thereby protecting me from injuring it further.

    Sometimes, I even wear it in public. I wear the brace on top a T-shirt, with a bulky sweater or blouse over top. Dressed this way, it's not detectable. It truly helps and does wonders for my posture.

    I hope the pain eases up soon and that you begin to feel better.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  4. amejia

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    But I know the feeling... It sounds like costacondritis (sp ?) that is actually how my rhuemy figured out that I have AS and not RA. He poked his finger just to the side of my sternum adn I about jumped off the table. The only thing that works for me is a heating pad. It seems to come and go randomly and it can last for a few days to a few weeks.

    But you should definatly speak to your doc about it just in case.

    Your sister in pain
  5. JLH

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    I can sympathize with you. I normally have low back pain, but I have had the same upper back pain for weeks now, too.

    I think mine is inflammation from my Lupus flaring up.

    Certainly hope you get to feeling better. Make sure to take some anti-inflammatories every day.

    I have my heating pad on all the time that I am sitting down watching TV, too.

    Holiday Hugs,
  6. jake123

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    Last week I told the intern doctor that I was having problems just going to work and going into the grocery to get a couple of items for my husband to cook!
    The rheumy came in and started talking about exercising, doing a walking program and maybe adding some weights. He is insane. I can barely blow dry my hair 3 times a week. My hands are terrible to grip anything. It just isn't going to happen until some pain issues are addressed. I am going to quit this rheumy after my bone density test.
    I understand Bewitched!! We have a right to feel sorry for ourselves.