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    My back is driving me crazy my doctor did some X-rays and lab work to rule out infection before he runs any more test.I have an appointment with him on the 14 and this is one time that I cannot wait to see him I want some answers as to what is going on.I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain he did give me some pain meds to help with the pain.I also have pain in my legs and swelling cannot even see my ankles and this has been going on now for four weeks.I get the cramps and spasums in my feet fingers and hands.I am also hypo and know with being hypo that this also happens but with the 150Mg of thyroid meds that I have been on for a long time if it was all hypo it seems like it would have let up and it is not.The pain is making me sick to the stomch.I am thinking that their is more going on with me. Any input as to what I can try next to help done heat ice
    hot running water on the back feels good but dose not stop the pain.Thanks for any in put that you can give me.
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    I am glad you are going back to the doctor.Maybe you need an MRI to see if it is a back condition.Ofcourse it could be anything else.I have a back problem and fibromyalgia and know what it is like to be in pain so my heart goes out to you.I also take thyroid medication.I know it is very hard when you are not sure what is going on-I have been there.I am sure you are very nervous also and maybe pretty down as pain can get to us emotionally.I can only tell you to use heat or ice depending which helps at the time.Sometimes heat feels good and then you move and the muscles go into spasms.If pain is sharp you may need ice as it will relieve inflammation.Seems like you are in pain no matter what you do.I think it is important to get answers to what is wrong so you know what to do.See if you can see the doctor sooner-you are suffering long enough.Try to rest as much as possible-the stress of not knowing what is wrong and being in pain makes everything worse.I wish I could tell you something that would help the pain.I just can understand and encourage you to get back to the doctor sooner.Take care and know someone cares-I have been there Lana56