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  1. pattyholland

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    hi, I was wondering if the ones that won could tell us how long it took for them to get their back pay check? And also my hearing on july 10, the lawyers office said I wasnt having the advocate (sp) the person that tells the judge if they have jobs that you can do or not in there with me.
    Has anyone else had their hearing with out one?
    thanks Patty
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  2. zoey2006

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    Three weeks from the time I was notified.
  3. glenda2

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    my hearing was today and i did not have a vocational advocate or specialist. there was an MD specialist. and I WON!!!!!

  4. mjwarchol

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    My hearing was May 9th, and I was awarded at the hearing. My back pay check just came Monday, the paperwork for the breakdown did not come until yesterday. My monthly checks will begin 7/16 (the back pay is inclusive through May, and you get paid monthly for the month prior.

    I did have a voactional expert there, but the ME testified on speakerphone and found me disables within the first couple of minutes citing the info in a 4 page letter from my doctor. The VE was never needed.

    Good luck at your hearing.