Back Spasms.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowee, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. meowee

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    I have had FM for a few years. I think one of the worst things for me now is back spasms. They are in my middle back and very painful, sometimes taking my breath away due to the pain. I usually have to lie flat to get any relief. Anyone else troubled with these?

    Many thanks...
  2. the back spasms are what depresses me the most,because i get them so bad that im hardly able to reach my bottom to clean myself up after using the toilet.
    i excersize gently every day taking care when doing the excersize where i stand and slowly raise my arms above my head.but this morning i had those spasms again and had to get my daughter to help me with the so sick of it,its making me very depressed because i dont want help from others with the toilet.I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF.
    i realise that the fibro keeps reminding me that its still there,and i hate it.hopefully one day the medical profession will be able to help us.

    all the best
    fran xx
  3. Dolphin82

    Dolphin82 New Member

    Hi Fran,

    Have u tried baclofen they are good for back spasms and help to relax muscles they do work ive been on them for ages when my back gets real bad i use my tens machine if u go to pain clincic u can get a discount card to be able to buy one cheeper than normal.

    Hope u find relife soon.


  4. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    It feels like someone is trying to tear your back apart.I get so nauseous that I throw up.I don't get them as often now. I still have pain in my back constantly.I am going to try and get a breast reduction to help with the pain though,Linda
  5. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    About 1 1/2 years ago, I was in the shower and coughed extremely hard. That is when is all started. I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, but I did not. My spasms were on the right side. These would come and go and I would never know when one would hit. When it did, I immediately took advil and sat on the couch really still till it went away. Some of mine were so severe that it would trave down my right arm and I could not hardly move my arm for a few days or so. I also had the breathing problems, very painful as you described, I wanted to go to the ER evertime I had one, but never did.

    Eventually, I realized that I had pulled a muscle when I coughed really hard in the shower. There are tons of muscles in our back. It took a long time to finally heal. I had them for about 5-6 months. Hope this helps!

    Love and prayers,
  6. crdmkr2004

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    Yes I get them sooooooo bad that I can't even stand. I end up in bed for days with a heating pad/ice, and I have to get my husband to help me to the bathroom. It is very embarassing. I won't eat because I don't want to go to the bathroom if you know what I mean. I will drink fluids and take Robaxacet and T3's until it passes. It drives me crazy. Does anyone get spasms up their sides. I get them and I have to roll around on the bed until they subside. I have had them when I am in a store and have to crouch down and bend every which way to try to find relief. That too is embarassing. But it sure hurts.
    Take care
  7. as you may know,i live in the uk,and im not getting very much help as regards my back spasms.i asked my doctor if i could borrow a tens machine to try out and see if it will help to ease my back spasms,but my doctor advised against it because the last time i used one of the tens machines,oohh im guessing its like 9 years ago,i wet myself and felt that my bowels were going to open after my physcio put the tens machine on me.
    my doctor gave me some anti inflamatory pills called ibruprofen,but they dont touch the pain,and i know its the muscles that are tightening up so much in my back,but i just dont know what else to do about it.i rest well,i gently excersize,i eat wisely.i do all that im told to do,but still this back spasm thing tries to take over my life.
    i am having some stress at the moment with my 15 year old son,he has that attention disorder thingy,and i have to be careful how i approach him when he goes on one of his horrible mood swing thingies.i do think my back spasms are because im scared of my sons behaviour,but our doctor wont give him any medication with him being under 18.he isnt sleeping well,is very depressed but the doctor wont help.
    its such a worry isnt it having the illness that we have,and having to deal with very moody kids too.

    take care
    xx fran

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