Back/spinal Spasms??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by getfitat40, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. getfitat40

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    Does anyone experience painful back/spinal spasms? I can only describe it as sudden intense pain that starts in my mid back and shoots up to my neck and down to my lower back/hip area. I cannot determine what action might cause this pain because it happens randomly when I am sitting, standing or laying down. I have had this problem for about 6-months or so and my GP and old rheumatologist had no answers and dismissed it. I can't or won't let it drop, but wonder if anyone has the same problem and had some sort of diagnosis for it.

    I have an appointment with a new rheumatolgist tomorrow and I am quite excited since he specializes in Lupus, RA, and FMS. He seems to be very active in FMS research as a google search comes up with all sorts of hits. I am trying to complete a list of symptoms and questions for him. Any advice or info is much appreciated.

  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    bump for answers
  3. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    Nancy - I too suffer from chostochronditis and wondered if it was connected. You mentioned that your treatment can resolve the pain in 30 minutes. Do you have the extreme pain/spasm's continually or sporadicly? Mine are sporadic and seem to last for like 30 secs. and I can't move the whole time because it seems to make it even worse. Thanks again....Nancy
  4. JLH

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    are probably not the same as yours.

    I have a pinched nerve between L4-L5 and S1 in my low back. I wait the first 6 hrs. or so of the day for the very intense pain to ease up.

    But, sometimes later in the day, after sitting, when I get up I will get a sudden, intense pain that shoots down my hip and into my leg. But I think it all has to do with the pinched sciatia nerve.

    Good luck at your new doc!

  5. Junie

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    Hi, I don't know if this is the same as what you have, but I do have really tight muscles along each side of my spine a lot of the time. After laying down at night, my spine will hurt all the way down,a deep ache. I am in the process of having Chiropractic ( tho this started long befor the the treatments ) and I am also into Yoga ( only 4 classes so far ). Besides this, it has started raining since early yesterday so hard to tell if that or what has brought this last spell of it on. It is not continous but I don't know what causes it either.
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    I get pain in the lowers spine as well,lately it takes the form of spasms ,have also found that i cant bare being touched on lower spine as it is so painful . The pain seems to have got worse and spasms more frequent, not sure why this is ,my husband wants me to get it checked out but i feel its probably down to my FM .I know my GP will say its down to FM ,as thats the answer i get if i have any problems lately.
    hugs kathleen
  7. smiffy79

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    hi i get spasms and cramps a lot so my gp put me on tizanidine an ms drug.
    i havent had any since being on it but it doesnt help with normal fm pain.
  8. getfitat40

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    While I wouldn't wish our pain on anyone(ok mabe my boss;-)
    it is nice to know I am not alone. I had my 3 1/2 hour appointment with my new rheumatolgist this afternoon. Long wait but I met with the nurse practioner for a long time, so that helped some. When I asked about my spasms she told me that the spine is often the most painful in FMS sufferers...I never have been told that.

    This doc has his own lab and x-ray facilities right in his office space. He took xrays of just about every bone in my body. He also did a lot of blood work and changed/added scripts. I see him in a month for results and I am encouraged. He gets FMS and while he confirmed the diagnosis again, he is doing the xrays and blood to eliminate any other issues.

    He is a big beleiver in muscle relaxers and since I was already on Flexiril he wants me to experiement with when I take it and what times. He wants me to take it during the day at a reduced amount to keep my muscles relaxed all day. We shall see how that works since it makes me sleepy but he said start with 1/2 of a pill and see if I feel the muscles relax without the drowsiness. I am game if it will help.

    He also prescribed Salegen for my dry mouth/skin (testing for Sjourens) and Amitrytyline for pain and help sleeping. Anyone on either of these?

    Thanks for the advice and info.
    Hugs, Nancy
  9. ksev

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    I have had the spinal pain for almost 10yrs. now, 3 mri's, x-ray's, etc. I have had so many treatments to no avail. I was finally told that I have FM, makes since, I have all the other symptoms. Some days the pain is so bad in my spine. I call it the Mountain climber with spike boots going up and down my spine, lighting fires on each side of my back. I take nuertontin and have just been given vicodin for the times when I can't stand it. I am afraid to take the vicodin, you know why.
    Hope you get better, I have to lay on a heating pad for awhile to stop it, doesn't last to long, I have it 24-7.

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