Back Surgery Messes/Failures..grrrrr

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    I just posted this on the Arthritis group I visit and thought I'd put it here for FYI......given a choice, I would rather NOT have my body cut up by a surgeon....I prefer to do all to prevent surgery.

    Some on you may know I'm a big fan of Acupuncture and Prolotherapy and a horrible fan of surgery....often WISH I had not done the hip replacement.

    Anyway, just heard my weekly hour with the Prolo MD here in So. Cal. and his callers were very interesting to say the least. One lady called in about the 3 back surgeries she's had since 2010.....I presume all I understand it, after a fusion, the discs above the fusions collapse and the surgeon tells the patient another surgery is needed.....this lady went thru 3 and is on Norco and Neurontin and still in a lot of pain....she, of course, regrets the surgeries and says NO MORE....she only WISHES she had never done the first one....

    The Prolo MD says about 1/2 at least of his patients are those who have done the surgeries and are mostly worse off.

    I have a good friend who has a friend that had a back surgery shortly after I had the hip replacement in late 2010, well she just had another back surgery a couple weeks ago......she was telling my friend it was worse than she expected and she has not had a BM for over a week, major constipation from those narcotics.....

    I've had a lower back issue since 18 and I'm now 75 and my mindset is of the no surgery mind.....but I elected to do the hip replacement and it's been a cascade of complications and mess, that was 3+ yrs ago......

    My knee is worse, foot/ankle messed up and as I see it my right side of body is about 1" shorter than my left side....right hip was replaced....I just had a new heel lift made to 1/2" for my right shoe.....I had a 1/4" but felt I needed more.

    I'd love to hear from those with GOOD stories on back, hip, etc. surgeries.....I hear all the bad ones. jam

    BTW: Prolo has been around for about 100 yrs and when the Pharma world really took off, Prolo was thrown under it Prolo is returning and more surgeons (young ones especially) are leanring this work as they are experiencing all the failed/messy surgeries ones out there. I keep threating to go back to my surgeon as I have not seen him since about a year after my hip was done.....then I think, what's he gonna do, offer to open me up again.....not if I can help that.
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    One good back surgery story coming up.

    Many years ago, my sister experienced a ruptured disc in her spinal column that required surgery. The surgery went well. She made a full and complete recovery, went on to work another 30 years on her feet in retail, and then in the construction business. She has since had knee replacements two years ago, (which are working well), developed a leaky heart, has been diagnosed diabetic, and is on complete thyroid replacement. As of January 10th, she retired from work at the age of 67 and her back is one of the two things, (knees), that are still operating at optimum level. So, both of her surgeries were a success. :)

    I, too, have low back issues. Since I was 14 years old. Lower 5 lumbar grew fused together and the back specialist deemed it inoperable. I agree with you though. I abhor the idea of surgery. The last one I had left me never coming back as functional as I was pre-surgery. Good luck friend.

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    Just got an email on Johnson and Johnson settling hip replacement lawsuits to a tune of $4Billion. This is just one manufacturer of hip parts.....there are others with lawsuits too. I'm not a happy hip replacement person....
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    My grandmother had hip surgery and it was a good one. She certainly had her share of issues before, but after she was fit as a fiddle. Now I am not going to suggest that the recovery process was easy (because that would just be lying) but she certainly was not in constant pain and has not had to return for more surgeries later on.
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    Well, many do have good outcomes and your grandmom was one of them, GOOD for her. Perhaps my outcome has been so nasty is due to the OA and Fibro I deal with bodywide... There are many good outcomes I'm sure, and MANY troubled ones, that end with infections, revisions and lots of's a crapshoot with all surgeries but I'm sure disappointed with my results....I keep working on what is left with this grandmom to keep walking as I do not want any more surgeries if I can be in control. I was far more FIT before my replacement.....the Groin pain mess pushed me to do it. jam

    PS: I bet your grandmom had the Posterior approach surgery, going in thru back of thigh and cutting muscles, this type is the original replacement surgery for hips..

    I had the Anterior approach, which is thru the front of thigh, no cutting muscles, but stretching them...I had a good outcome to the 5th month and then went down down down....guess it all settled and I ended up with pressure on other joints.... This type has been around for like 15 yrs, the Posterior from the beginning of these surgeries.....

    My neighbor had the posterior and had to go to rehab facility for 3 weeks....I came right home and was by myself from day 1 after.....

    These are not a walk in the park as the surgeon makes one think.....major trauma to the body.
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