back to gp today not sure how to take what she said

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  1. lin-z

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    I went to my primary physician whom I really havent seen in 10 months. Mostly seeing the rheumatologist and following his protocol. Well I recently dumped him and went to someone else who seems more experienced with fibro. Problem is I cant see him again til march 30th.

    I have been in such excruciating pain the past week and my husband called my gp and she said have her come in.She saw how debilitated I was and said she refused to believe this was all from fibromyalgia.

    I will now be scheduling an mri of the brain and cervical spine. Then on to a neurologist and then who knows. I have to admit the pain is absolutely a 10+ this week and I dont know why

    My husband felt better that something was being done...I'm a little nervous but I cant live like this either. Any thoughts ?

    thanks linds
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    Could it be the weather? I know when there is an abrute change I really flare. I wouldn't be to concerned about having tests done unless it is a $$$ thing, you never know they might find something that they can treat and make you feel better.

  3. lin-z

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    I must admit I hope this is not a common "flare up" because the trunk of my body is basically paralyzed. I can handle the knee pain and back soreness but I have been experiencing unrelenting muscle fatigue. To the point of not being able to even open my medicine bottles.

    My gut feeling is that I have a serious aggravated disc problem as I know i have deg disc disease . My sister has (had ..she is doing great!!) brain cancer and i am trying like heck not to let my mind go there. the mri's ,that i hope to have next week ,will tell...thanks to all of you it really helps to know we arent alone

    even the ones we love the most sometimes just dont understand Love lindsey