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    I left my doctor's office this afternoon feeling really disappointed by the fact that I have been wasting over a year of my time. Over the course of this time, I have had a cerebral MRI, cervical exray, jaw CT scan, a few blood tests, stool tests, and just today urine test. His collegue diagnosed FM in July/02 and my jaw specialist suspected FM. In the past, he has provided me with FM literature at my request (although only 2 pages). Well just today he told me parasites were detected in the stool sample, but this is normal, no need for medication. I never felt this doc and I were on the same page re; FM. I asked him about Klonopin or Neurontin, siting that many have been helped by this medication. He said no - you have nothing so you need nothing. I then asked him what about the FM, to which he replied "wastebasket diagnosis" it is actually depression.
    UNBELIEVABLE!! Depressed I am not. He had me on antidepressants in Oct/02 which I weaned myself off of three months later. He did however discover I have a UTI and rx'ed 7 days of Cipro.
    I truly feel betrayed. He will not even refer me to a rheumatologist as he feels it is a waste of time.
    Needless to say I will be seeing this doc for the last time next week for follow up on the UTI.
    I am so angry - we are not drug seekers, we are not attention grabbers, and most of all, we are not crazy!
    In hindsight, this doc should have been released a long time ago. So here I am, back at square one...

    Anyhow, I do have a question. Should vitamins and supplements be taken while on the Cipro?

    Thanks for listening,
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    Thanks to all of you for your info and your compassion. I am not exactly sure why we feel the need to be validated, but we do. I am trying not to let this guy get me down.

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    is it normal to have parasites??? I think I would do a search on the web. If this is so normal than why do a specific test? I had one of those a few years back and mine was negative. 2girls, I think I would do a web search on this- or give Madwolf an SOS about parasites in stool. I am very curious about this one. BTW, my dumb doc would not give me klonopin either. He said that I do not have a brain disorder so I do not need this drug. just as more drug I do not need.