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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ForeverFlaring, May 13, 2003.

  1. ForeverFlaring

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    I found this recent study and found it interesting.

    Cannabis May Suppress Immune System:
    April 15, 2003 -- Cannabis may offer hope to people with autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis seems to decrease inflammation in the body by suppressing certain parts of the immune system. Researchers are hoping this finding will lead to new treatments.

    Previous studies have hinted at immune system abnormalities among cannabis users -- specifically, in the function of immune system cells called T lymphocytes and natural killer cells. While these cells help the body fight infections, no direct link with lowered immunity has yet been shown.

    In this study, researchers tested the blood of 29 cannabis smokers -- 13 occasional users and 16 regular users (weekly or daily use). They compared the results with a group of 32 nonsmokers.

    Again, researchers found that cannabis smokers had fewer immune-enhancing natural killer cells and lymphocytes, and higher levels of a protein that may promote tumor growth, called interleukin-10.

    These changes can dampen the immune system's response to infection, increasing susceptibility to infections and promoting growth of tumors, states lead researcher Roberta Pacifici, PhD, with the Instituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome, Italy.

    But researchers also say this finding could lead to new treatments for people with autoimmune disorders. Current treatments suppress the immune system -- thereby calming the abnormal immune response that plagues people with the conditions.

    Cannabis lowers levels of the inflammation-promoting protein interleukin-2 and raises levels of the anti-inflammatory protein interleukin-10. Both of these findings could be of potential benefit for treating autoimmune disorders one day.

  2. southstars_tat2s

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    Now I don't wanna step on anybodies toes...but I just kicked out a pot-smokin' husband who suposedly used it "for medicinal purposes". All I know is whoever says pot ain't addictive never lived with this man. He run me in the Po' house..pawned and sold everything we ever had of any street value for an almighty quarter-bag. I used my teen years smoke it..quite often actually. But when I "grew up" so to speak around 20, I stopped. My husband never stopped,and my guess never will. I HATE pot..but that's just my hard-lesson-learned experience.It's so hard in my town to get a job that don't require a drug test,I am certian smoking it for medicinal purposes for me would not be an option.whew...ok..I vented bout it..I feel better:eek:) Don't hate me!!!:eek:)
  3. JaciBart

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    Physically or emotionally.

    I think it is messing with trouble, we cannot afford to put unknown toxins in our body.

    I have done it on many, many occasions but I am not willing to these days, not worth the risk to me.

  4. scottabir

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    I personally have been against pot up until recently. At age 22 I finally tried it for the first time last week. Anti-depressants don't help me ONE BIT!!! So I was desperate. To be quite honest, I was VERY disappointed. I did not receive any positive effects from it, instead it stressed me out more.

    "we cannot afford to put unknown toxins in our body."

    I agree with that statement however anti-depressants are a form of toxin IMO. We all need to do whatever we can to cope with this DD for some it maybe Prozac and for others pot, while still others maybe food or gardening. We are all different. So I say if it works for you use it but dont abuse it!!! Too much of ANYTHING is bad for you.

    my 2 cents.
  5. IndigoSC

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    They have not really figured out yet if Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder yet, though, right? I know things like echinacea enhance the immune system, but have they figured out whether we need to lower or increase our immune systems?? It's so confusing... I do smoke it once in a while, and it always helps my pain, but not sure if the immune system lowering thing is good or bad when it comes to fibromyalgia...?
  6. Dorothy45

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    It seems to me that the marijuana debate is more of a moral issue. I really don't see the difference between prescriptive drugs, over the counter, alcohol, etc. and marijuana. Just like any of them, abuse can cause problems. Iknow people who smoke pot regularly, and hold jobs and very responsible people. i knwo people on prescriptive (legally), and are addicts, or it interferes with their daily life. Dealing with pain is a very difficult, and what works for some, does not for others. I really believe that Americans (and I'm one) are too judgmental and puritanical in their thinking. We always want to blame or pass the buck on something or someone else. We are becoming avery controlling country, and it is frightening. Now don't get me wrong, I still think the U.S is a great nation, but we need to "chill". I am not a Christian, but Jesus did say one thing, atleast I beleive so from my parochial days, that is profound. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you (something like that). If we would just work on that one, we would be alot better off. Now, I for one, am still working on this one. All I know, is that I want to manage my pain, and so do you guys.
  7. ForeverFlaring

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    I am seriously considering trying it. I smoked as a teen and in my 20's. Not very regularly..I was a social pot smoker. Back then, I never thought of it as pain relief, but I am looking at it as a last resort. It is so frustrating to go see doctor after doctor who refuse to adequately treat us for our pain, yet when I had an infected wisdom tooth I had 4 weeks worth of pain killers. It makes no sense to me. I am going back and forth on it because I think of what it would do to my children if I were caught. I also have NO idea of where to buy any from. I just can't put an ad in the paper under "wnting to buy". For now the answer is no because I cannot put my children through that, but if I were able to go to a party(FAT CHANCE) and some was offered, I wouldn't refuse it.
  8. lorgirls

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    You would all be surprised to find out just how maney people smoke it. I know alot of people from all walks of life that smoke pot. It is not physicaly addictive. Like anything it can be for some mentaly addictive. Anything can be addictive if the person is not responsible.(shopping can be) I do find that it help the pain and its natural.Medications worry me more because they are man made.It dosnt cause a hang over,it dosnt make me not remember what I did the night before and in an emergency you can totally snap out of it. You never hear of anyone overdosing on it. The worse Ive ever heard is people dont like it cause it makes them feel tired. Its not good for kids cause it can make them lazy about doing homework. Kids should not use it just like anything els. I know too maney alchoholics and I would much rather have my hub smoke than drink. Alchohol interfears with my meds a small hit of pot can help cut down on meds. I dont do it 24/7 just in the evening when the pain gets worse.Its actualy cheaper than alchohol and cheaper than most of our meds.Im not telling everyone to go out and get some just dont think bad of people that do it. If you havnt tried it you have no idea. All these damn adds that have been coming out about pot are full of it,lies. There are also differnt strengths of it . The only thing Ive found that dosnt go well with it is alchohol. It wont kill you are winde you up in the ER. Ive been using it of and on for about 17 yrs now. Before I got sick I worked full time as a Dialysis tech. I held the same job for 14 yrs. I never smoked when I was pregnant . Had to quit for a month to pass a drug test for a new job,was no problem for me. Funny,when I was a teen before I tried it ,I was so against it. After I tried it in my 20s its not a big deal. Anyway,you all take care and dont put it down til youve tried it.Its not for everyone but for lots it can be very helpful.
  9. jamedw1

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    has me "hungry" now... :)
  10. kerrymygirl

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    There was a program on this. Guy grew pot for people in chronic pain. He said he did not use but gets it to people who need it so they know it is pure. He said he could get arrested on the way out of show, but did not care. He could not stand seeing people suffer. I would not know where to get it but I am sick & tired of constant pain & no sleep.

    BTW The oldest man ever found,millions of yrs old, he was frozen to death. Contents in stomach,he had meat,showed arthritis severe,Opiods found in system,& marks on body showed he was doing acupunture with nails,ouch. He was from Europe not eastern med after all. NO Eckards drug store to get his opiods. Think about it?
  11. Lox

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    I for one cannot believe that this ancient medicine is illegal, it astounds me every day. Do i smoke it, sometimes, though the smell now makes me nauseous. It is an excellent pain reliever, muscle relaxant, appetite enhancer, it is cheap, natural and still used extensively in Chinese medicine, in China that is. Like anything and this has been said before, it can be addictive, like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, prescribed meds etc etc but i really believe that its benefits are too good for it to be banned for those who would beneift greatly from using it.

    I know everyone has their own ideas on cannibis and its use and its legality, the laws are certainly clear enough and the fines hefty enough, but if you do some research into the medicinal uses of cannibis you may just be surprised that this now illegal substance has an extememly old history and was/is used for a myriad of reasons - not just for zoning out and getting high.

    I have lots of information on cannibis and its uses in the medical field and am right behind those who want to see it legalised, once again, and put to good use. It certainly has its place in the medicinal field.

    How is it that one person or a small number of people can deem what is "good" and "bad" and what we can or cannot use. This too is a question that baffles and frustrates me lol Anyway thats my bit on the matter.

    Take care everyone


    Lauren :)
  12. selma

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    I want those who use it to also know that the paper and the tar is like smoking cigaretts. Im not positive.
    Quality of life is very important. If it can be used in another way, I'm all for it. Right now I'm on Oxy & Ultram & mindfulness meditation.

    Love & prayers for being better, Selma