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    I have been so busy I just got the chance to see how everyone responded to my "SEX AND VIAGRA" question. Thanks for the "input" :) Ok, so if I have this figured out. I have to locate the "Vinarol" and the "Avlimil" and wash it all down with "Niagra" and I should feel like "getting lucky"?? Sounds simple enough. hahaha I'm kidding, I WOULD'NT take all 3 at once!!!!! I just wanna...... you know, but NOT kill myself or him. lol
    I'll let you know if I really do try it, after I talk to my GP.
    I'm not an total idiot. :)
    Take care everyone and thanks for the suggestions!

    PS If any of kind hearted souls remember when I was going to be homeless around Thanksgiving, and the count down was on. Well I'm happy to say I got in on the new "Section 8 (Housing Choice) Voucher Program". Because I am disabled and in dire need I wasn't wait listed! PRETTY COOL, huh? So, I get to move into my new two bedroom one bath in Feb.!!!!! If anyone wants to know more about this, just let me know.
    Life is good again, thanks for all your help! :)!!!!!