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    Hi again all!

    I am feelign a lil stronger since Jan 2007 and have been offored a FT position -state job. I took the offer in hopes that I can push myself a lil further this year.
    Last year I returned to work PT and it was rough. Although, I missed 7 -10 days of work, throughout the year,(health related), the company I worked for was very patient with me.

    ticket to work program -Although, I been recently DX with this APS on top of FMS/MPS/DDD/CFS..., I thought I push myself once again and see if I can handle the fatigue and muscle spasms. I begin next week so if you can all lend your support and prayers so that I can manage holding down a FT job I would be most greatful to you as will my little man. It's all for him and his future.

    Wish me luck!

    Ps. hoping mybenefits wont be drastically reduced.
  2. jole

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    Oh wow! Don't know how stressful your new job will be, but do hope you will be careful and remember your son needs you to not get worse! Sorry, don't mean to sound negative, 'cause I really do wish you the very best.

    I hope you can swing it and things go very well for you. You are one corrageous person to try this, and it proves how great a mother's love is. Mothers tend to do things for their children's best interest and sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Please get lots of rest, drink lots of water and if you can't continue to work, at least you will know you tried. I am very proud of you!!!!
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    and good luck with the new job.
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    and we are cheering for you. Stop by when you can and let us know how you are doing. I understand what it's like to support children and forcing yourself thru it. P
  5. tcpolchies

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    It was a long week, I'm so exhausted! During orientation I was having such a bad time sitting there all the while. I would simply excuse myself to the BR or get up and refill my cup of cafe so I could stretch without being discovered, lol. On the day of CPR I almost left the building the pain was so intense. The elderly lady who was paried up with me happen to physically pat my back during back blows for a choking victim. Although, I asked her to pretend, she problaby just patted but to me it felt like she was socking my back. You know the area between your wings -mid spine. Well the rest is history the chronic fatgue and muscle spams are all riled up again. I feel like crap but, I cant give up. As I recall a year and a half ago I felt the same during orientation and training. Almost quit to. After a month or so I became adjusted to the schedule -PT, continued to have ongoing symptoms -pain and stocked up with IB and sleeping aids to get me through. I'm in pretty bad shape now and will rest up, as I'm assigned to my work site next week.

    Had to reschedule the hema -oncologist for a couple more weeks. I'll let you all know how it goes. Oh, my lyme, hep's and HIV are still neg to date, since 1995. I guess I better give the doc a break. It seems each time my flare ups get out of control I get paranoid and request these test over again, lol!

    Last, I've called SS and left coutless messages regarding my new job and since I will meet SGA level with this FT job, I'm assuming my benefits will be dropped asap? I'm wondering if SSDI will continue for at least two -three months so to see if I can manage holding down this job. Does anyone know about this? Last year they sent me a letter stating I did not meet the self sufficiency TWP and that it was not counted towards TWP's.

    I betta get back to bed now. Im tired. btw; the vit -D capsules my Rheumy prescribed havent made much of a difference. I still feel/look very tired. Was hoping I would have felt a difference. The constant dull ache in my gut -upper Lt rib cage continues as well as all the other symptoms.

    Thaks again for all your support, feel betta and luv ya guys!

    T~ in NM.

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    Just wanted to send my good wishes to you. I dream of going back to work. It makes me cry just to think of it. It's about the money and the benefits , yes, but there is more to it than that.

    It is possible to get over-stressed from the working and not stay on the ball about resting in-between. You know, you just get so worked-up and over-tired. So try to keep yourself calm and keep judging your activities against the backdrop of your illnesses.

    You were so smart to do the PT first and not just for a month or two!

    Good luck to you and be your own guardian angel.