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    Hello Everyone.

    I just recently went back to work 3 months ago. I work 3 days a week, 6 hours a day. 18 hours a week total. I am on SSI, but when I work, I make a few hundred dollars more a month. I am in need of the money desperately!

    Anyway, I am feeling so stressed out and depressed over this. As at work they are 'overloading' me with work, and underpaying me of course. Seems like the last 2 part-time jobs I had, it was the same story. Like I am working 18 hours, but really doing 30 hours worth of work! Just working these 18 hours are making me sicker! Plus I get very dizzy throughout the day; and sometimes feel faint (from the CFS/FMS) It is depressing.

    Knowone at work knows I am sick ('but I look good' HA HA).

    Anyway, I just needed to vent, and be around others who understand. I am feeling alone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    to your post, Dovel. I went back to work after five years out of workplace, in 2008. I can only do part time hours - started out on 17 hours and then moved up to 22 hours in another job a year later. I find it quite difficult just to get up and out to work in the first place, let alone do anything when I get there! I struggle through most days and go home and rest for at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour afterwards. I also get dizzy at times.

    I think you have to focus on what you ARE doing and the acheivement of being back at work, despite the difficulties. Is there anyone at work you could trust to talk to about it? Do you have an Occupational Health or Human Resources person you could talk to? I must admit, my work dont really know the half of it with my condition, although they know I get fatigued.

    Take care of yourself...

  3. DoveL

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    Aussie, Shaz, and Calenonia, thank you for the replies and great suggestions.

    Aussie, I am not on any prescribed medicine for energy. What perscription do you take? I am going to try the ginsing(my doctor also recommended that to me a while ago). It is like I am working to make money to pay for these supplements (I am down to taking 4 different ones a day) I will keep you posted on the board on how it works for me. (I will try it after I get my bloodwork back this week)

    Shaz, I am trying to be strong and relish in my accomplishments, but it is hard to be positive at times too! I am getting sicker from work. I am going to try to hang in there; but maybe next week will bring better health?

    Caoenonia, You are right; working and overdoing can set back my health for months! I am going to check out that book; I love to read. But just from working 18 hours a week; all I have the energy for is the essentials; like showering, food shopping, and some light cleaning.

    Anyway, thank you everyone...I hope I can get thru this; if worse comes to worse, I will have to quit. I hope I can hang in there until at least Christmas time??? This is very upsetting and stressful...I thought my life would never come down to this; working 18 hours a week and having that be too much (I used to work at least 40-50 hours with hardly any sleep! Go figure??)

    PS..I could not work for 5 years when I first got sick.

    HUGS to all..

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