BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, the day I've been waiting for since Nov. 13th. has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning I am going to go back to work. I drive school bus & miss my kids soooooo bad! Can't wait to see them.

    When I went to see my doc this past Thurs. & asked him if I could try to go back to work he said "You really aren't thinking of going back before next fall, are you?" I said "You bet I am!" So after some begging & pleading he agreed to allow me to go back for my morning run only for the first 2 weeks to see how it goes. However, I did have to PROMISE him that if it bothered me in the least little bit I will get back out of that bus. But on the other hand if it doesn't bother me after 2 weeks I can go back full time.

    I don't know how it will go, I'm kind of scared because I don't want to cause another flare up like the one that started in Nov. but I also am not going to sit around for the rest of my life & let this thing control me. (At least not if I can help it).

    As soon as I get done in the morning I have a therapy session. I have three sessions/week for the next 3 weeks, so I know if I'm not honest with my doc, they will tell him!

    Am so excited, just had to tell someone!!!

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    read your post with interest because I too drive school bus and am only working the PM shift. What about this job bothered your FMS if you dont mind me asking? Our district is very large so we have to start very early in the morning I have a very difficult time sleeping and also have to take pain meds for this DD. Leaving me so spacey in the morning. Almost ran over someone in a crosswalk one rainey morning at 6:30am..she was a black laady with dark clothing to boot but this scared the bejeebers outa me. I also was checking rear of bus and forgot to put the maxi on- started rolling back. I ran up to the front so fast! I was just not safe in the morning so I feel I did the responsible thing by taking this leave. I am so torn about going back full time. I just do not want to fall into a relapse. I never want to get as fatgued and as spacey as I was before I left. I also find the split shift hard on my system. How many hours do you work? and are your bosses being supportive. It is nice to see another driver on board! Good luck with going back. I love my job and only work 4 hrs per day now and I wish I could do this shift 4-ever. looking forwrd to hering from you. How is the sensory overload for you?
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    I am so excited foryou!! Just reading your post made me feel all warm inside. You are inspiration to us all. Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure the kids will be sooo glad to have you back!

  4. kar1953

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    Thanks for your response. I was hoping a driver out there would respond. I am working 3 hrs. in the mornings for now. For me, after I can get out of bed & do some stretching exercises (sometimes before I even attempt getting up) I don't feel too bad. Pain & fog worsen as the day wears on, so mornings are my "best" time.

    People always think driving bus is an easy job cause you sit all day; actually it is very hard on your arms, back, shoulders & neck - at least in my case(not to mention trying to stay sane with all those kids)! Had 4 surgeries on my rt. elbow & 1 on left since 1994. 9 more years & I can retire w/25 years of service. Hope I make it!

    For tomorrow morning I set my alarm about 1/2 hr. earlier than normal to give myself time to loosen up & stretch before I head out the door at 6:30 - I park my bus at home - big help!

    I'm not sure what support I'll have at work. This is the first I'll be going back since being diagnosed. My immediate supervisor gets really pi--y if you report off even one day - so I decided if all goes well & I do go back full time I'll ask my doc to write me a letter explaining that there will be days when I won't be able to work - either part or all day. Comes with the territory. Hopefully this will make a difference. Will give copy to our superintendent also. The migraine headaches are becoming more of a problem in the mornings than ever.

    Well, enough jabber for now. If you want to communicate futher, email me - address is in my profile.......Kathi
  5. kar1953

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    although I'm not so sure my kids will be THAT excited. The subs have been letting them eat, drink - whatever they want & mean old Kathi has rules & they better be followed!!!

    I know my little ones will be excited.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. They mean alot....Kathi
  6. kar1953

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    Just so my wheels go round & round I'll be ok!!!

    I'm from Ohio too. South of Canton. You?

    I'm going to try not to overdo. The overdoing part will probably be at therapy!

    Hang in there, think positive & maybe soon you can get back to work too.........Kathi
  7. judywhit

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    we have a few old timers who are allowed to have home busses. This would be so wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that I have been very upfront with my boss. Filling him in on my progress. Anyway, I always ask him if he is okay with my reduced hours. He tells me that they feel lucky to have me when they can have me and even if he was bothered by it I am strictly covered by the guidlines of the ADA and they must accomidate me. So if you have a letter from doc this applies to you too. Kathi do not over do it. Believe me I understand honey the great stress of this job!!! the responsibility is awesome. Sometimes I will look back at those 77 faces and almost panic at the responsibility I have undertaken! I drive for two elemetary schools and 1 jr. high. I do think this bus driving gets into your blood and I would hate to retire from it. I drive a 93 bluebird transit. Airseat and all electric. Sweet bus! Good luck Kathy I will email you in the latter part of the week to see how things are going. I understand the sub thing too. I do not think much about what the subs allow the kids to do. I feel they have the hardest job in the world! You will have your hands full getting them to obey Miss Kathi's rules now!
    Keep her between the lines!
  8. Tibbiecow

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    Congrats at going back to work! Tell me, do you take anything for your migraines, to prevent them? I have a long laundry list of what didn't work and now I'm trying topamax which works great on the migraines but now my joint pain is back wiith a vengeance! I wish I could drive our freightliner but my husband won't let me. So I just get to sleep in the sleeper, its sooo comfy! I have a farm endorsement which in Oregon lets you drive a big truck if your regular license is clean without any test if you are carrying your own farm products and driving your own vehicle and within 150 miles of your farm.
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    I do take something for the migraines - Floricet - it has worked quite well until today. Have had 2 migraines - I take pain med it goes away & a few hours it's back. Better be back by tomorrow morning - can't drive bus with a migraine. I used to get them only occasionaly but since Nov. I average about 1 every 1-2 weeks. NASTY THINGS!! Doc says that sometimes we need to switch meds for awhile to give our bodies a break & then sometimes we can go back to previous med.

    Here in Ohio with my bus endorsement I can drive a straight truck, commercial bus, plus I have a tanker endorsement such as a bulk milk truck. I should have gotten my trailer & hazmat while I was at it! Oh well, probably won't have much use for that. We live in country & sometimes in summer some of the milk truck drivers need a vacation & have problems finding someone to drive for them.

    Have a good one........Kathi

  10. kar1953

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    In our district we are allowed to keep bus at home if our route begins & ends close to our home. Mine begins about 1 mi. from home. Sure saves on wear & tear on my vehicle & gas - especially nowadays. Of course in colder months I have to pay for the electricity to plug it in each night. Can't remember what year mine is (that fibro fog!) Somewhere around a 98. It not only has an airseat but the whole bus is air ride - definitely rides smoother than my Jeep! Also has ABS brakes which as far as I am concerned are a God send in snow. I drop off at 4 grade schools & our middle/high school. So I see quite a few faces in a day. I love my little ones, middle schoolers think they know everything & I could not live without my highschool kids! They are my favorite. They might complain about "Miss Kathi's" rules, but when I'm not there they tell me they don't like the fact that the sub lets them do what they want. It's ok for a couple of days but after a while they miss the structure they normally have. Well, have a good one & I look forward to talking to you again.......Kathi
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    Hey Tibbie - I misread what you wrote about migraines. No, I have nothing to take to prevent them - just something to get rid of them. Maybe I'll have to give my doc a call & see what he would suggest. Thanks for the thought....Kathi