Backache from you know where, grr!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bruin63, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Bruin63

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    I called my PCP for a referrel to a Ortho Dr. about my back/Sciatia, which hasn't stopped hurting since last week.

    I went to Oregon, to check on my Sister and to see the DH's family. IT started hurting then, but I thought it would let up.

    I rented aImpala, (I want one, if we ever hit the lottery ;o] ...)

    It has Cruise control, and I was looking forward to driving it. DH had to do all the drivig, and I rode, laying down, the passanger seat goes all the way back.

    It hurt the whole time I was there, I saw my Sister and She is a Mess. I need to make a post just about her, and the Symptoms she is having.

    ANyway, it was a nice visit, except that I Hurt the whole time, spent most of the time in bed.
    It rained, most of the time also, ergo the Back hurt even more.

    We got back home, and it just won't let up.

    I have a Saciatic (sp?) problem and have for over 10 years, and then with the FMS/CMPD I am in worst Pain, I have ever been in.

    I've used the Med.s I have, Hot Packs, Massages, and it still won't let up. It usually does by.

    Sorry about venting, but I need to sometimes, I was hoping to tell about a Great Road trip, instead I end up whining about my Back. ;o(

    Well today's another day, hope it lets up.

    May all of You, have a Great Day,
  2. stinker56

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    Sorry to hear that your trip was so uncomfortable. I too have back problems and riding is the pits. Have you ever tried a tens unit for the pain? If not, it is a small box that transmits an electrical current to stimulate the muscles and helps me quite a bit. I got it years ago from a really good chiropractor. I can't get along without it. Hope this helps you some. Have a good weekend.
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  3. rileyearl

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    Hi Sharon,

    I'm so sorry your back was so bad on your trip. I have sciatica that's up and down, too, from arthritis on my spine.

    One thing that really helps me with riding in the car is to take a big ice pack with me and keep in right on the sore places as long as it's cold. It really numbs things up and lessens the pain. I take it to the dentist or anyplace I'm going to have to sit.

    My husbands car has heated seats, which help a lot for the fm pain in my legs and hips, but make the sciatica worse.

    Hope you feel better today!

  4. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I fell yesterday, morning, and the Dr.'s Nurse said for me to either go to the ER or stay in bed, untill I felt better, then come in on Monday.
    I didn't break anything, just a lot of Brusie's.

    I have used the Tens unit, in the past and it did help.
    Now it dosen't, it annoys my electrical system.
    Also I can't use Ice, as it's makes the Nerves hurt worse.

    I have to use Moist Heat, which usually loosens the muscles, that are making me hurt.

    Thanks for the replies, and suggestion's.


    Hi Mabel, how's it going, Sweetie? Hope your feeling better today, going out for Karakoe tonight? Hope so.

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