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    can someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my husband was found fully favorable for disability in March 30th 2010 and was awarded backpay!!! before we knew he was awarded we moved to florida from ohio. we did contact everyone that was working on his case(att.local SSI office and 1800#) to update thee info. he did recieve his first monthly check. but where is his backpay!!! we called and called to find out about the processing departments phone number in chicogo!! well that is not avaible. we are so broke right now, we have two small children who is counting on us. we applied for foodstamps and was denied because it states my husband did recieve his backpay already! not the case at all. but now ssi is telling us that's why the processing center is taking so long because we tried to get help. now what are we suppose to do!!! wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's stressing us out to bad to sit here and wait on someone to call or push a bottom for direct deposit for the backpay. please anyone out there.
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    Your husband may need to go in person to your local social security office in Florida. has much disability info.

    You are posting here on the Health Board. There is a disability/benefits board here on Proheath website.

    Going in person may be the best direct answers for your husband.
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    I hope you went to the Disability Board on here and saw my reply there. Backpay is a waiting game and it is rare to receive it at the same time that you receive your first monthly check. Continue budgeting very closely as there is no set time required by law as to when backpay is required to arrive---thus it can arrive in a few months or sometimes 6 months. Good luck and hugs.