baclofen or neurotonin?

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  1. simonedb

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    Just curious which one has been more helpful for people and how?
  2. katiebug61

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    Baclofen is a muscle relaxer/anti-muscle spasm medicine. Neurotonin is different than that. I have Baclofen for when the muscle spasms hit, and I think th eNeurotonin is supposed to prevent it, similiar to the way Lyrica works. Don't quote me, but that has been my understanding.
  3. simonedb

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    what dose do you take and how would u rate it 1-10 for helpin yer spasms or pain (10 good)?

    aren't they both anti-seizure?
  4. dragon06

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    is not an anti-seizure medication. It is an anti-spasmodic/muscle relaxer as said by the previous poster.

    I don't know much about neurontin but I do take Lyrica which is a cousin to nuerontin. I was taking Lyrica and Baclophen for awhile but I found Skelaxin better than Baclophen so I switched.
  5. BexinTex

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    I haven't taken baclofen but I can tell you about my experience with Neurontin (gabapentin). I took it for about 6 months (was at the max dosage with in 2 months) before I switched to Lyrica. Neurontin generally decreases nerve pain, not overall pain. It didn't work very well for my FM but it worked alright for my tingling issues.
    Have you tried Lyrica? It's slightly better than Neurontin.
  6. simonedb

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    is actually what i am trying right now and its working pretty well for pain, but i am still working on adjusting dose.

    I am just curious about baclofen because its something I could theoretically take with LDN if I got break thru pain. Neurotonin I have tried before and was way too powerful even breaking off pieces of a tablet, made me retarded. Lyrica couldnt tolerate either. The reason I asked about comparing baclofen with neurotonin is I got it in my head from somewhere that they might be interchangeable in some regards, perhaps it was back when I read dr goldsteins book betrayal of the brain? not sure. From what I have researched the neurotonin can have killer w/d. I think baclofen is used with ms sometimes.

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  7. BexinTex

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    yes, neurontin has a really bad withdraw (atleast it did for me). When I took it, I felt like if I was even a hour late taking it, I was in horrible pain, I'd start to shake, break out in a cold sweat, became anxious & got angry very easily.
    One other problem I had with it was I lost alot of hair! Not enough to make me bald, but enough where my hair was alot thinner!
  8. katiebug61

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    I can take up to 20 mg every 6 hours. I think it really helps with the muscle spasms. It also allows me to still work and not fall asleep like Flexeril does. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 8 most times.
    Sorry I took so long to answer. Was super busy here at work today! No time for my important stuff like this message board. I love this place. It gets me through the day!
  9. Leaknits

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    Popping in with the (so far) opposite of the "coin" of the posts.

    Okay, granted, I'm really odd as to reactions to practically anything Big Pharma makes and dr wants to try on me.

    Side note to another poster, no, both are not anti-seizure meds. Baclofen is called a muscle relaxer. Neurontin was put together to treat people with Epilepsy and, possibly, some other issues but my acquaintace with it was short so I don't remember.

    Baclofen hit the (quote) Lea's acting oddly again button until it was practically at High Alert.
    I refused to speak. Oh, I could speak but just wouldn't. I wouldn't even point.
    JAMA should come interview me, lol. KIDDING. I'm kidding.

    It's been so long since the useless (for me) adventure in Nuerontin Land that I've forgotten what huge dosage per day was going in; I was advised by my dr to "Just keep increasing the dosage until you get some relief." Dumped the junk.
    Whatever, it did Jack for me and what I was dealing with.

    Just an opinion from the other side of the coin, as I said.
    Simonedb if you're debating trying one or the other and feel okay about doing that since YOU know yourself best, go for it. Mightn't be a bad idea to get your dr's thoughts, either.
    I hope if you do choose to go that route you have incredibly good luck.

  10. simonedb

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    i like yer attitude.

    but heya like i said in one of the posts here; with neurotin already tried that and not for me uh uh. I was wondering about baclofen though for breakthrough pain/muscle stuff if the LDN isnt enough when in a flare down the road.
    I had the impression neurotin pushed on people more and that perhaps baclofen could accomplish similar thing and isnt rec'd perhaps cus they can't make as much money off it or something.

    perhaps neither one is antiseizure but I mean that in loosest sense; I.E. if neurtonin helps epilepsy well those are seizures right, and if baclofen relaxes muscles that could be construed as a seizure of sorts as well if muscles are spazzing out----thus "anti-seizure".

    and if I decide to try baclofen I would have to involve a doc at some point as you suggest cuz i dont buy off the interent. howevr, most of them are usually the last people i ask for advice.
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