Bacterial/parasitic infections?

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    I have always felt my illness was bacterial and I was right. I did test positive for mycoplasma about five years ago and was treated.

    Many of you will remember how much pain I have been in over the last year and now I have turned out to be one of the lucky ones who tested positive for lyme and also babesiosis (similar to malaria) which if the doctors had been looking for this they would have known straight away that my fevers, severe chills and the most horrendous sweats were being caused by.

    I was tested 18 months ago with the elisa test that came back negative. One of the co-infections is also mycoplasma.

    I am six weeks into 400mg doxy a day and I am noticing some major changes.

    I have done so much reading and research lately and the thing I keep coming back to is that tick bites are emdemic but testing is so inaccurate that many come back negative. After I tested positive for lyme I could not believe it and so I got tested for ten other KNOWN co-infections and tested positive for one, for me it confirmed the test was accurate.

    We all have a huge variety of symptoms and I think that one day they are going to finally realize that we all have some kind of bacterial/parasitic infection and not necessarily the same bacteria, which is constantly draining our immune system to the point of exhaustion.

    I was thinking about all the people that are sick with cfs and why they are not being routenly tested for these bacteria and parasitic infections.

    I just wish that someone somewhere would get a huge powerful microscope and take samples of all bodily fluids and tissues and really look at them. Surely this would be cheaper than keeping us all sick. I know pretty dumb statement but it is so sad and frustrating that we have all had to lose so many years.

    I remember Mikie posting here and I think she still does occasionally but many years ago she started pulsing with antibiotics and I followed her lead and every time I went on antibiotics I would feel better. No doctor would prescribe them for longer than six weeks though so everytime the antibiotics were stopped I would start to decline.

    What I don’t don't understand is why doctors don't treat cfs patients with a couple of months of antibiotic, just to make sure that we do not have a bacterial infection they cannot find. I know taking antibiotics is not a good thing but surely when you are disabled for years that a couple of months of antibiotics is a small price to pay for a chance to be well.

    Here is a link to some videos, there is an excellent documentary film launching in new york next weekend. I know it is about lyme bacteria but it is also about nature vs climate change vs humans vs bugs. The people in the documentary have travelled dow the exact same path as us.

    This documentary is premiering in New York June 19th and LA June 26th after which it goes across countries. I beleive the content of this documentary is going to help everyone of us that has been given the diagnosis of cfs/fm.

    I hope this does not offend anyone or get me kicked off but I so strongly believe we are dealing with bacterial/parasitic infection that they just can not find.

    I get so mad about all the suffering that is going on and when I watched the documentary and found out that due to the fact that in the US the law changed and now allows universities and research facilities to patent parts of new diseases and sit on the information until they can find some way of making money it makes sick and as you can see prompted me to write this post.

    Good luck to you all.

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    I was told by someone who used to work at NIH's virology lab that they would find new "bugs" everytime they got a new microscope.

    I do think we've got a lot of infections, and there's been much debate about the role of infections vs. the immune dysfunction that seems to allow them to flourish.

    Anyhow, I share your frustration.

    BTW, where's the video link?

  3. maps1

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    On utube there are also other excerpts of this film.

    I also just wanted to mention that I saw all the posts here about this bacteria and said to myself "where have I been to get bitten, I live in Toronto, no ticks here" and so it took me over a year before getting the test.


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