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  1. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    Howdy everyone,

    I have been having really bad back pain in about dead-center of my back all day. It kinda comes and goes and when it comes it's usually in sharp spasms.

    Is this just a muscle thing or should I be a wee bit more concerned?

    It really hurts!!!
  2. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    I am having this same thing and was told it is muscular, although I do think it is time for another MRI. I will get an xray next week.

    It is very bothersome and can get quite painful at times. What I have done the last couple of days... Chiro on Friday & he said "we need to do alot of work for the next few weeks and then go from week to week. He could not fully adjust me, I am so tight and sound like I will break. He will go section by section. Anyway, that was a little relief because he did stim on the neck and lower back. By the way - he preached ICE ICE ICE for the pain and to relieve any inflammation (boy I love heat :)

    Today, I had a massage - wow, kinda hurt but in a (ouch) good way. I am quite sore now, but no worse than it was and felt great all day. I will let you know how it turns out. Sorry you are feeling this way & sorry so long...

    Keep an eye on it for a while and then see how it does. I would see someone if it keeps up.

    SOrry I am not much help - I'm with ya!
  3. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    Hey, thanks for your reply!

    Ice? I've been sitting here with a heating pad for a good hour or so now, and it feels amazing. But I should try ice?

    Ice is yeah.

    Well if it doesn't get any better, then I shall try ice.
  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hmmmmmmm I wonder if i should be using ice too?? I am having the same pain but have had my heating pad attatched to me just about 24/7, It eases the pain while the heat is on the area, but comes back as soon as area has cooled down.

    Wonder if i will get more lasting results with ice? I was thinking it might be about time for another xray too.

    Might try ice tomorrow, it's too cold to try ice tonight!!
  5. chloeuk

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    I was referred to a phsyio for bad back pain after my xray showed disc degeneration and other problems and they gave me excersises to do that were easy and painless. What you have to do is lay down and just breathe your stomache in and hold for 6 seconds, you should still be able to breathe, you should do 6-8 of these 3 times a day to start off with...the reason it helps is that it increases the strength of your stomache and back muscles so that they support your back properly, a bit like a band of support the whole way around. I was very sceptical thinking that wont help but it did and over time it has improved.

    Just wanted to add that it probably is just strained muscle or a nerve problem but if you experience things like numbness or problems going to the toilet then you should seek immediate medical help and if it persists it may be worth getting an x-ray. I would also take an anti inflammatorie for the pain like advil.

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