Bad body image and depression - need prayer.

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by 30feeling80, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    I have a bad body image right now. It is affecting the way I feel every day. I've had CFIDS for about 8 years and have made great strides toward good health. But I've fought my body for too long.

    I don't like my body; the way it looks, works, and feels. I need desperately to loose weight and don't have the motivation to do it.

    I feel like I don't care. But I know I do or I wouldn't be here. Could you please pray for me?

  2. Yesh

    Yesh New Member

    I know exactly what you mean. Some days I just want to lay down and let life pass me by because I am too tired to fight aganist this fibro.

    It is funny though, every time I get into this state of mind, God always shows me how far I have come. Seven years ago I could not feed, wash, or dress my self because of the fibro pain. I could not walk without someone holding on to me because my balance was off. I could not wear clothes becasue they were so heavy I couldn't move my arms or legs, and forget about sleeping under blankets.

    And yes, God has shown me the things I was able to accomplish because of this disease. Such as collecting SSI so I did not have to work, thus, I was able to home school my ADHD/learning disable son, who finished high school and began college at age 16.

    As far as having motivation to loose weight, this is what I did. I went out a bought several outfits smaller than the size I wearing. Then I changed my diet, (actually the whole families, they ate what I ate)and started do simple exercises. When I lost enough weight so that I could fit into one of the outfits, my husband would take me out in my new set of clohtes.

    Any way, I blabbed enough about myself, I will be praying for you. Oh, one thing that really helped me to drop the Lbs. and fell better quickly, I did the no yeast diet. I lost more than 30 Lbs. in one month and the fibro pain was much less intense. have you tried that diet yet?

    God Bless

  3. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    Thank you both. Dixie, you make me feel important again. It's very easy to loose sight of that when not feeling well. Thank you for your kind words.

    Yesh, many bells rang true reading your post. I will use your tips and words of encouragement. It's nice that I have someone I can relate to. Thank you. Yesh, I see how God can (and DOES) bless me on a daily basis as he did for you and your family. I've come a long way, too.

    I am very lucky to have friends like you guys. You keep me focused toward faith and on the right track. Thank you for your prayers.

    I wanted to comment on something I saw this morning on television. I do not normally watch TV ministries. But something told me to watch this one....

    It was about not settling for mediocrity. Go thru the struggle to get to the promise land. He said GOD promised us that if we fought, the victory would be ours. I have to believe him right now. Otherwise, I have no reason to fight. I would rather be this way than fight some more. But now I've got to. Victory, weight loss, good health will be ours.

    Keep up the good fight.


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  4. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    Thank you. Prayers from someone who's 'been there' mean a lot to me. I appreciate your sincerity.

  5. Scoobsmom

    Scoobsmom New Member

    to all!!! I too struggle with my weight, and I just wanted to let you know...Your not alone! I will mention you to our Father tonight, and tell Him... how thankful we are He loves us, EVEN when we sometimes do not love our outside selves....HUGS to you all!!!!!!!!
  6. bakron

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    Coming from a marriage as a “battered” wife some 25 years ago left me feeling very badly about myself. One Sunday, I listened to a sermon on the two commandments that Christ gave us: (1) To love the Lord your God with all your might, and (2) To love your neighbor as yourself. Boy, that last one I struggled with!

    Could it be that I was not as effective with my fellow man as I would like to be because I was failing that second commandment? I did not even like myself much less love myself! Besides, I always thought it too prideful to feel good about myself. After that sermon I began to pray that I would learn to love myself so that I could truly love my fellow man and be an effective witness for Christ. A friend added to the conviction that I had that I needed to learn to love myself when that friend told me that people would only like me as much as I liked myself.

    25 years and better now, but not totally “cured.” I can’t say that I “love” myself adequately at this point, but it is better. My illness has heaped more things to dislike about myself, and I am continually renewing my commitment to “love myself.” Things I dislike are things like you’ve mentioned. I’ve gained tremendous weight for my 5 foot 2 inch body. I avoid mirrors and shopping centers with all the glass as much as possible, avoid buying new clothes unless on sale, and avoid donuts and ice cream and all other wonderful things (and then binge!). I think we are our own worst enemy in this respect.

    One thing I know is that the second greatest commandment will not be able to be kept until we come to terms with ourselves and learn to love ourselves as Christ loves us!
  7. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    You are beautiful and Gods sight. and I'm sure your friends and family feel the same way.
    luv lisa
  8. grge

    grge New Member

    I am praying God will touch you I pray that He will speak to your heart and tell you He is with you each step of the way.

    God loves us He created us and our body is just a rented shell.

    God knows your heart, I am asking that He will give you His wisdom in your weight battle.

    I smoked for 25 years and tried in vain to quit, only when I gave it to God was I able to quit smoking, I have been almost three years without a cigarette, Praise God when no pill, patch or smoking program would work for me, I turned it over to God and He alone helped me.

    God loves us just as we are but He will surely be the greatest motivator of all.

  9. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    for your beautiful words and the time you take for prayer. Thank you so much.

    Bless you,
  10. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    I have found support from my family and friends to give good eating habits another try. My sister gave me a hair-make-over; cut, color, style. I love it. I don't feel so dirty and ugly anymore.

    I know the support and make-over helped. But I started feeling a change even before that. I know it was answered prayers. Thanks to all of you who cared enough to send up a good word for me.

  11. Angee

    Angee Member

    I am so glad i came to this board today i am usually on the chronic fatigue/Fibro board. I am a God fearing lady that believe in the power of prayer. I woke up this morning and told the Lord i give it all to him i am tired of overeating and hate the way i look. I have had fibro for 4 years and my eating habits has soared. I am at my all time high as far as my weightis concerned and i know God is not happy the way I treat his temple.

    He told me to read scripture and i was so happy he lead me to the right scripture. My body is his temple and i know that but it has been so hard to keep this in mind but today i really think i finally have the victory !!! I have a peace about it know. Please pray for me and i will pray for all of us that really wants Gods help. I will pray also that we take it one day at a time.

    God BLess
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  12. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    No more true words have been spoken. Thank you. Praying for you as well.

  13. Montysmum

    Montysmum New Member

    I haven't been to the board for some time, have just read your post & can relate to it so much, it is an issue I have been struggling with for years. Since getting Fibro & CFS my weight has soared.
    I hate my body image so much, in fact I can honestly say I hate myself, it is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I am convinced the reason I never found a husband is because I hate myself, which means if I can't even like me how can I expect any one else to !!
    I can't offer any advice but alot of the comments from others are really good, I wish I could take them on board too. But I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you & hope you will do well.
  14. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I walk past a mirror and think who is that old woman? I wish I had easy solutions for you, all I can think of is to try one day at a time. Easy for me to give advice, when I can't follow it myself!
    We all live on this see saw that never stops, some of us for a great many years.
    It is unfortunate we can not email each other directly, as sometimes just knowing that one other person cares enough to take the time, can do a world of good.
    I sincerely believe the world in general spends too much time looking at the "package" and not enough time looking at what is in the package.
    You must realize your own self worth. Some one else mentioned they felt nobody could love them because of their looks. I have parents/sister who do not communicate with me at all, and I feel how can anybody love me when my own mother doesn't, it is a basic instinct. No easy solutions, no ways to mend the heart. Hurt comes easily, solutions seem non existent.
    You just go on, do the best you can each day. I find that doing some small thing for someone else, often makes my heart smile, and makes me feel more worth while.
    The package dear counts for nothing. My son recently divorced a lovely package. I hope next time he will look inside! People spend time searching for all the wrong things.
    Maybe I should apologize for my dime store philosopy, but sweetie your weight means nothing . I wish I could write you directly and boost you up.
    And, my beloved Linda who responded~~~~` finding a husband doesn't always cure problems, it often makes them worse. You have the purest of souls, are so dear, I wish I could get that through to you. Some time I shall have to travel across the huge ditch just to give you a hug.
    Darlene, people who only look at your size should be smacked! We are all wrapped in a package, just the other day on tv was a woman whose face was burned so badly, then a before photo was shown. Surely there are people who can see beyond the scars, the weight, the sags and bags. O sure try.
    Prayers coming your way Darlene.
  15. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    Dear Linda,

    Sounds like we are in the same boat. Thank you for your understanding and prayers. I'll be praying for you, too, since I know what it feels like to be in this shape.

    Dear Asatrump,

    I understand that people need to peek inside the package. I still wish my body would work better and cooperate more. Good hair gives me confidence but still doesn't take psysical pain away or make me more capable of doing more psysical things. Thank you for your prayers. There are very well received. You're a beautiful person. Thanks.