Bad charlie horse/muscle cramp, pain in thighs at night????

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  1. OMG last night I got terrible charlie horses in both mid inner thighs that woke me out of a deep sleep. I tried to stretch it out laying down, nothing, so I tried to stand up to stretch them out but couldn't it hurt SO BAD ! Anyone have these? What can you do, and what usually causes them. I am terrified to get them again as they REALLY hurt!
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    The next day I look like I was beaten during the night. I have never had anything hurt so much. I found the only thing that helps right away (for me, anyway) is 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar. I have been using a FAR infrared lamp, though and they are much less frequent.
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    I was having similar spasms. Not as bad as yours. But in my feet and calves. They began coming nightly and then during the day. So bad made my foot look deformed and hard to come out of it. I backed off my calcium/magnesium and just went to the magnesium. I notice too that when I stop taking my vitamin e they come back.
    For now am spasm free.
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    I've had them and yes, they hurt so bad. Especially in the thighs. It seems hard to stretch out that area. I get them close to my cycle. I've found that magnesium sometimes helps. The only other thing is getting up and walking around and trying to stretch.

    Also, keep a bottle of tonic water (not club soda) in the house. It has quinine in it and it will help with cramps.

    Make sure you take a multivitamin with iron (if you still have periods). Iron and Calcium levels can cause it, as well as low potassium.

  5. thanks for your replies. So far, knock wood, I haven't gotten them again. NEVER have I had them in my thighs and they are the worst! Because you can stretch out the calves or feet, or get up and move around, but with the thighs. Whats amazing is they were in both thighs! I take calcium and D but guess I will add magnesium .
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    about magnesium oil. i'm just exploring its benefits. is supposed to help with muscles cramps. i couldn't find it in health food store (just tried one) so ordered it online. can find inf about it online and see if it's something you'd like to try.

    supposedly many people are quite deficient in magnesium and supplements taken orally aren't utilized well by the body- need to apply it-

    i bought a spray bottle- i spray it on legs and arms once a day. wait 20 mins and rinse it off. it's supposed to penetrate through the skin and help get rid of various problems. i'm going to try it for some weeks and see if i notice it helping- good luck- Sascha
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    Hi Fibrobutterfly,

    I also suffer the terrible thigh muscle cramps. When they wake me up like that I have to get on my feet and prop myself against the door frame and lift myself up on my tip toes then back down again a couple of times. Yes it hurts but it works. A gentle massage before bed time may help you with these episodes. I also soak my feet for 15 minutes in Epsom salts each night, 1 cup in warm water. The magnesium in the Epsom salts is absorbed by the feet and helps. I can not tolerate magnesium supplements nor many other supplements so that is the way my naturopathic told me to do it. If you soak longer, it will give you diarrhea.

    Older but wiser
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    Recently I went to the hospital for a separate issue. They left me in a draft for several days and when I came home I had the most intense charlie horse imaginable in my neck and shoulder. I never dreamed the pain from a charlie horse could be so intense-----they've always been just a severe ache. I used heat, cobra venom gel from the drugstore, and the tens unit on the spot for quite a few days, and I finally got the pain under control. Holy cats and dogs----that hurt like ol' Harry for quite a while. Thank you, Mr. Cobra, wherever you are, and nice snakey, nice snakey!
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    My very first "charley Horse leg cramp" came to me back in 2006, I was on vaction at the time. Because I never ever had one before, and I was vactioning at the time in the hot July weather, I think I was dehydrated and it caused some kind of mineral imbalance in me.

    OMG, like you said, it woke me up and screamed, literally in the hotel room. It felt like the blood supply to my leg was cut off or something.

    Now, I am used to chronic, annoying, nagging pain, but this was unreal. I literally had to shake my leg in bed, then rub it down, and then it started to get better, but not gone.

    My entire leg felt sore the whole day, but the intense pain was gone. I thought to myself, oh please, never let me experience that again, well I did just a few months ago.

    After the first incident in 2006, I never had one again, so, within time I just didn't think about it. I had another one back in August, maybe it has something to do with summer time, not sure. Again, the horrible pain woke me up in the same leg, but this time other than it being summer again, I couldn't figure out why it occurred again.

    I did hear the a magnesium deficiency could be the cause, but even the doctors are not sure why it happens, they just chalk it up to "it happens" and try to give you advice only when it occurs, execpt for trying to take at least 500 milligrams of a good magnesium that might help.

    You would think that after having FM for most of my life, that is wouldn't be that big a deal, I tell ya, I am terrified of it happening again too, just hope for me and you and others, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. Hugs, Chelz.
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    fibrobutterfly - especially since you say you take calcium but not magnesium, you almost certainly are deficient in magnesium and this can cause cramping. Calcium and magnesium work together and too much calcium will deplete magnesium. And if you're not taking any magneisum, will only make the situation that much worse.

    Everyone else gave you good advice about how to take it. I think magnesium glycinate is the best form, although citrate is pretty good too. And I use magnesium oil on the bottom of my feet at night - it helps me sleep. I may try the epsom salt someone recommended.

    here's a good PH article today about magnesium and malic acid for pain and energy:

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    My husband has had such intense leg cramps/charlie horses that he would turn white! One time was so painful he turned white AND he passed out and hit his head, so I had to call an ambulance! Anyway, he was okay, but in the ER we were told that he needed more Potassium. So he eats banana's to keep away the cramps & hasn't had them like that again. So try having bananas in your diet more, it should definitely help.
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    I started having some of the very same symptoms following an auto accident in which I suffered a severe head trauma that left me an Epileptic.

    The seizures started immediately and continue approximately 6 times+ daily now (since 2007) and the very painful, "thrashing", involuntary muscle cramping that occur all over my body started shortly after the seizures and occur just as often.

    I wanted to refer to them as "charlie horses" except they are about 1,000 times more painful and more powerful and debilitating than a "charlie horse". You all know....the pain is indescribable.

    Lyrica, Calcium, Mag, Tonic Water (Club Soda) didn't help at all but the anti-seizure meds seemed to. Unfortunately, I lost my health insurance and now have to suffer with all of my injuries without any medical care or treatment whatsoever.

    I wish everyone continued success in whatever treatment you have found that is working for you and I hope you all remain pain-free forever.

    Knowing what I know now, I really wish I hadn't survived the auto accident.