Bad day at pain doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelstapleton, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. angelstapleton

    angelstapleton New Member

    I don't know whats going on with me. I had a apointment for the pain doc at 12.45 So I left early that moring got some thing done and thought my appment was at 2.30. I got there and the lady we dont have apointments at 2.30 I said I was sure thats when it was. Well no it was 12.45. I forgot emange that.So asked her when I could get in to see him next she said oct 31, I said will you ask him to fill my pain meds then . She went back and he told her to tell me he would have to think about over the week end.
    I started crying and just lost it. I said fine I will just go back to my famiely doc. Got there he was gone.
    Called my husband he was really mad and said find a new fibro doc. So I had to wait awhile to calm my self down befor driving home. I had no Idea what was going to get me through for the next month.
    Then the pain doc called and said you can come back monday and pick up your pain sript. I'm still going to find a new doc . I dilike mean pepole and can not handle stress at all. Sorry had to vent I starting to get really wore down my emotion and nevers have about had it. There not a day that goes by that I feel good.
    Bless you all Angel
  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I hope your day starts to look up. I am in a flare today so know how rough things can get. I try not to get discouraged, but some days I can not help it.

  3. angelstapleton

    angelstapleton New Member

    Thank yo so much. I feel some what better just writing and reading thew board . Don't feel so alone.
    Have a great day
    Bless you Angel
  4. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Hi Angel, sorry you had a rough dr.'s visit. Doctor's offices are so busy these days, there is no personal attention. They are so overworked, their bedside manners really stink sometimes, including the front office personnel. Well, you are such a nice person and have responded to my posts and made me feel better. I hope I can do the same for you. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way! Kim :)
  5. angelstapleton

    angelstapleton New Member

    That was so funny . Thanks for the laugh I need that.
    Your so sweet.
    Bless you Angel
  6. angelstapleton

    angelstapleton New Member

    You know there so much I need to say to all of you on this board. All the kinds things pepole say .I really wish the real world was like all of you .
    I'm so gratful for your words and kindness.Thank you .
    Bless you have a safe week end
  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I hope you are feeling better. I know how hard it is to miss an appointment. When we use so much of our energy to even get to the appointment .I wish our healthcare workers and Doctors would cut us some slack sometimes if they would just understand our brain fog and how hard it is to even leave our homes sometimes.

    I think the Doctors who perscribe the pain meds almost enjoy the power of it all. I'm praying my new doctor will be much kinder.

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