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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by roseants, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. roseants

    roseants New Member

    Why can't I have a normal life?? I have been working part time as a substitute teacher, and I subbed for 3rd grade earlier this week(they were really good and sooooo cute). well, due to my oh so pathetic immune system, I caught a bug from one of the little darlings. Now I have a fever of 100 degrees and head and chest congestion, a cough and a sore throat. Now, a simple virus shouldn't lay me out, right? IF I WAS NORMAL!!!!!! but no! I can hardly move! Like all the usual pain and fatigue wasn't enough. Wow am I angry! I try to have some kind of normalcy, (I realize I can't work a normal job) and the one thing that makes me feel kinda normal exposes me to germs that get me sicker that hades! I really wonder if I am EVER going to have a normal life again!!!!!!!!!!!! at least I know you all know how I feel!

    I just about bathed in hnd sanitzer all day, and I still got sick! Thanks for the support, it really does help. [This Message was Edited on 04/20/2007]
  2. mujuer

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    I am your fibro sister and it's fine by me if you vent. I looked at your bio. I have been sick since I was a kid too and have never been normal. Isn't it crappy to give up your job. I wish I could even work part time. I now carry a small container of purell with me everywhere I go. I have one in my car, my husbands car, and one in my purse. I wear my gloves everywhere I go in the winter and don't take them off at the store or anywhere. I have never been a germ-a-phobe but geez we have to protect ourselves alot more so now.

    Try to catch up on your rest, oprah and some good novels while you are down for the count. We are thinking about moving to Arizona to get out of the wet and cold pac northwest. This weather is so bad for fibro.

    Hope you feel better soon. Go ahead and vent some more if you need to. I am on and off this board morning, noon and night. Pamela
  3. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Bummer ... I try to avoid germs and my son says I am pyschotic like Howard Hughes. lol Not hardly. But I do get flu shots and wash my hands a lot and use that anti-bacterial whatever gel which I always carry in my purse. Hope you feel better soon hun.
  4. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    I had many of these problems for years. I suggest you seriously take systemic candidiasis seriously. this can make you weak and immune suppressed. many with cfs have this as part of the picture. cut the sugar out, take probiotics, and yeast eliminators or anti-funcgals---i would start there. i am finally able to go about my business without catching every little virus, flu, cold etc.

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