Bad Day / Sore tongue . . . other strange things . . .

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaltair, Sep 15, 2005.

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    I had a really bad myclonic jerk last night and woke up when my jaw clenched and I bit my tongue! Many times I will have myclonic jerks in my legs and whole body when I go to bed, and I know this isn't that uncommon. The tongue being bit started me wondering if that's why I frequently complain of having sores on my tongue. Maybe this happens when I sleep, and the sores are just bites. Weird . . I made an appointment to see my doc tomorrow.

    Today was a really bad day for some reason. Not only was my tongue sore today from the horrible bite last night, my whole body has had pain more than usual. My osteoarthritis in my right hand has been so bad today, that I felt like I have a couple broken fingers where the joints are affected, making it very difficult to do paperwork (writing) - the keyboard doesn't seem to bother it as much as handwriting.

    Another strange symptom today has been a sensation of electricity passing through the left side of my body. This type of sensation has happened quite frequently over the past two years in my left leg when I would lie down at night. Then, beginning about 2 weeks ago, I began to notice a loss of feeling in my left thigh on the side. All these symptoms are very strange, and I'm going to discuss them with my doctor tomorrow.

    FMS is strange and mysterious, I think you would all agree.

    My medications include a formula that I've been on for three years, Celexa, Neurontin, and Ultracet. Recently, I began Provigil. That's the only new prescription medication. I also take a multi vitamin, and just began lecithin 1200 mg and Cholacol. I'm going to discuss the possibility of a connection with the start of the Provigil, and will stop the lecithin and Cholacol as the numbness is as recent as the start of the lecithin and Cholacol (anyone had this happen in connection to either of those supplements?). In addition, I will talk with the doctor regarding taking a less expensive drug than Provigil to help with fatigue, like the generic form of Ritalin.

    I need a pill to go to sleep, to stay away, to be pain free . . geesh! What a merry-go-round of chemicals we have!

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