Bad day to be having a bad day!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IgotYou, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. IgotYou

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    Today is my 40th birthday. My husband has a whole weekend full of surprises planned. And I woke up with a migraine, I feel very nauseous and flushed and achey and NOT AT ALL like partying or eating seafood or anything else. But it means a lot to him for me to have fun today, because he's been planning this for months. So not only do I feel sick, I feel bad! I'm trying to hide it, and thought I was, but someone already asked me if I was OK because I looked so bad. Why today? I felt great all week! Can I cry on your shoulder? Anyone have a quick fix for headache/nausea?
  2. wle

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    ...that you are feeling bad on your birthday. I really don't have any advice. I have a friend who rubs that blue emu cream on her temples when she has a headache and she swears it works. I have never used it for a headache..use it for other aches and pains and it does seem to help. Seems like I always feel the worst when we plan something too. Maybe it is the anticipation of FINALLY doing something different and fun...then bam! there I am all achy and whiney. If you don't feel like celebrating this weekend maybe you can post pone 'till next weekend..............
    Hope you are feeling better.............................
    Happy Birthday..........................................
  3. IgotYou

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    ... for the sympathy. I appreciate you're being there while I vent!

    Yes, I think it is anticipation that did me in. I'll think happy thoughts and maybe it will get better!
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    ...for the headache; try either Benedryl or Drammamine (they make a no-drowsiness formula, too) for the nausea part. Sometimes, when I have gotten a migraine in the past, if I can just control the nausea part, the headache still pounds, but I can at least function somewhat.

    For the long term, ask your doctor about Maxalt for migraines. I have been using it for a few months & it works wonders---takes care of both headache & nausea.

    Happy 40th---I'm hoping your birthday gets better! Sounds like your hubby went all out for you, I'm sorry you aren't feeling better!