bad day today mortons foot pain?

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    yesterday my right foot was hurting. kept getting worsr this morning couldnt walk or put weight on it. this happens every couple months.

    i feel like its mortons nueroma but does that come and go. ive cried off and on all day. i went to doc 1 time had sonogram nothing cost$125 so not going .

    my foot swollen throbbing up the leg. i know it will pass but thats not comforting at the moment.

    why why why do we have to go thru this? love gail
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    What's your body temp? TSH (Thyroid stimulating Hormone)? Blood pressure pulse?

    Thyroid affects nerve conduction velocity and body temp. My wife would sprain her ankle so often, she got to just ignoring it after awhile.

    My thyroid was low too. Life is so much better at 98.6°F.

    Suffering makes us stronger, humbler ppl.

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    youre right my temp is always low.ive been tested and told it was normal but i dont think thats gonna ask my dr for amour thyroid. tyvm for your input. love gail
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    Ask your local pharmacist which docs in your area prescribe Armour. Visit one of these docs and your chance for success will improve. An endocrinologist better understands the thyroid, but some of them only Rx for synthoid (T4 only).

    Hypothyroidism incurs depression, slow nerve velocity, slow heart rate, low body temp., slow thought process. "Its the gas pedal of every cell in the body" says my fatigue doc.

    Most infections don't like heat, but love low body temp. You can fight off infections much better @ 98.6°F. Doc also stated, "The body's enzymes operate best @ 98.6°F"

    The liver makes <3000 enzymes. My chloresterol was very high. My fatigue doc predicted that when I get my thyroid levels working that my liver will "burn up" the extra chloresterol and sure enuf...all down to normal. Ear wax also is much improved. <- symptom of high chloresterol.

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    Its really a symptom of high cholesterol? What the amount, or color or what> Let me know as Ive never heard of anything like this, Thanks
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    I rinse my ears out w/ warm/hot shower water every day...but would daily see white paint around the ear canal.
    I use Q-Tips, but would often touch and damage the ear drum...dont admit this to a ear-nose and throat specialist as you will get a speech...

    The wax problem has greatly improved.

    It was my fatigue doc that first mentioned this to me. Chloresterol is a waxy lipid, so it makes sense. Awful to think of that stuff building up in the arteries too. Lipitor is not the answer as it shuts down an enzyme in the liver that manf chloresterol and uses up lots of Co-Q10. Always supplement Co-Q10 with any statin drug...or...get your thyroid optimized.

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    i have all you mentioned slow thought process low temp low heart rate under 60 but test normal for thyroid. i need a new dr. love gail